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While Expensify is known for its spend management superapp, some may be surprised to learn that the people behind Expensify operate with a relatively modest team of around ~135 individuals hailing from all corners of the globe. Even more surprising is that over 66% of staff have been with the company over 4 years, while 50% have worked at Expensify for over 6 years!

After hearing those stats, many people ask us, “what’s the secret to employee retention at Expensify, and why are people sticking around so long?” 
We’ve broken down the core elements of Expensify’s employee retention into four parts below, which we believe contribute to our employee’s happiness and growth – resulting in- staff choosing to stick around for the long-term.

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You can troll all day on the internet for tips and tricks on what you should and shouldn’t do as a first time entrepreneur.  Maybe it’s not your first time, but you’re still figuring things out.  Either way, here’s one more that you probably already know (deep within your heart, maybe?).

Burger King's got it right. Have it your way

Burger King’s pretty much got it right. 

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Office Profile: Meet Mich

 —  April 27, 2011 — 2 Comments

Your friendly Pro-Tip provider.

Name: Mich, and/or That Awesome Person Over There

Alter-Egos, if any: Mighty Mouse, Spunky, David’s son, Wito’s son, my little brother’s little brother

Hometown: Mexico City

Expensify Job Title/Role: Design Engineer, aka the Designer and the Engineer

When did you start working for Expensify? August 2010

What is the most exciting project you’ve completed so far for Expensify?  The Expensify Experience redesign

When you’re not fine-tuning expense reports that don’t suck, what projects do you work on in your off-time? Improving my drum skills and watering my personal blog

(From the Proust Questionnaire)

What is your greatest fear?  Spiders and other creepy crawlers. And tall people.

What is your favorite occupation (way of spending time)? Rockband drums (see below)

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Shortness

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Tallness.

What is the quality you most admire in a man? In a woman? These two questions express a heteronormative culture and are not very encompassing of non-binary gender identified people, so I will not answer them.

How would you like to die?  Flying.