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Winter is in full force across the US and we have been in full force rolling out all kinds of new features. The team also took a couple of weeks to focus on product stability and take care of some bugs that have been lingering for a while. All in all, a productive January indeed!
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Howdy from Al and the Success Coaches! I want to take this time to share our newest feature, Automatic (yes, AUTOMATIC) Statement Reporting.

Automatic statement reporting

Automatic Statement Reporting is a domain control feature that auto-creates and auto-populates a report with expenses for an assigned credit card in a given statement period. In other words, Expensify automatically places posted credit card transactions in an expense report for your employees who use corporate cards!

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Corgi Expensify Corporate Card Reconciliation

Last month we announced Amex Corporate Card Reconciliation and received a huge enthusiastic response from our users. Due to the popularity of the feature and user demand, we have expanded Corporate Card Reconciliation to many more major banks. The new Banks we have added are below: Continue Reading…

We’ve recently developed and released a few upgrades to our Domain Control feature. Domain Control is still used most often by companies looking to centrally manage employees, or to centrally import commercial cards, and it’s still available on the Corporate plan.

The new Admin page

Once you’ve taken control of your domain by following these directions, access and edit your Domain Control settings from the Dashboard by going to the Admin tab.

In the Admin tab

Domain Members page

  • Add and delete user accounts.
  • Move users between permission groups.
  • Designate domain administrators (Domain administrators have the ability to edit Domain Control settings).
  • If you have many users, search for them by the first letter of their email for quick lookup.
  • Move your users from group to group in bulk by selecting multiple users and utilizing the ‘move selected…’ button.

Groups Page

From this page you will be able to create permission groups and edit current permission group settings. Click the ‘edit…’ button to the right of a group to change a group’s permissions.

Company Cards Page

From this page, import your commercial card feed and assign individual cards to specific employees. Simply type in the user’s email address you’d like to add the card to, enter the last 4 digits of the corresponding card and click the ‘assign a commercial card’ button.

Snazzy, right? Check out our updated Domain Control help page for more information. If you need any further help or have any other questions about setting up or managing your domain in Expensify, please write to us at