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We rolled out our NetSuite integration to much fanfare in May of 2014 and saw a tremendous response from both new and existing customers. The integration combines the best of both worlds — the user-friendly Expensify UI with NetSuite as the powerful backend and system of record. Since May, our customer success team has been hard at work getting companies set up on NetSuite and we’re excited to announce a new feature that is going to make the already best-in-breed integration even stronger — custom fields!

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Add custom fields to your expense reports

 —  February 22, 2010 — 2 Comments

We’ve just released a relatively small but significant change: now you can add custom fields to your Expensify expense reports, thereby asking your employees to provide any extra information you require — right on the report itself. It’s our way of allowing you to make the transition from your current expense reporting process to Expensify as seamless and linear as possible.

Customer ID# custom field in an expense report

The text boxes to populate the newly created custom fields will appear below the text box for the report title. Once text is entered, the entry will show up on the top right of the expense report.

Multiple custom fields added to an expense report

There is no limit to the amount of custom fields you may add to an expense policy. Use them to provide more details, contact names and numbers, project names and identification numbers or anything else you may need to indicate on your expense report. For more information on how to add custom fields to an expense policy you created, or to create a new expense policy with custom fields, visit our expense policy help page.