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Once a month, Humans of Expensify will profile one of our team members, because behind every great expense report, there is an even greater human.

“In Croatia, we would have dinner parties and I would plug in my iPod and sing for an hour or two. It is in that private, intimate atmosphere where you feel like you’re making a connection to the people in the audience—the music comes from a deeper place, less technical and more emotional, and you can hear that. In that moment, it’s about a thing you cannot touch but you can feel it and hear it.

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Working in Croatia

 —  November 21, 2013 — 7 Comments

Some shots of us working (I swear we’re working) in Croatia from various, random locations.

Outside Dubrovnik

Outside Dubrovnik ( Credit Robert Chen )

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Expensify is unusual in many ways.  But one of our most well documented oddities is our habit of taking the whole company overseas for a month.  There are a huge range of reasons to do this: to work, to play, to finish off the year before, and to get inspired for the year ahead.  But regardless of your reason, here are some hard-learned tips for making the habit work for you:  Continue Reading…