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Do you use our iPhone app?

If so, then we have big news for you. You might be aware that we have another iPhone app in the App Store – “Expensify Lite”. Today, we’re renaming this Expensify Lite app to be just “Expensify” – because it’s now our main iPhone app.

If you use our old tab-based iPhone app, we recommend downloading this new Expensify app. Just go to the App Store on your iPhone, search for “Expensify”, and install. It does everything the old app does, plus a bunch more things like mileage, and receipt reporting + commenting on upload.

Our old iPhone/iPad app is now called “Expensify for iPad”.

So now the apps are called:


Expensify for iPad

The old tab-based app will remain as our iPad app until we add iPad support to our new app, at which point we’ll upgrade the old app to be the new one. So in a few months both listings in the App Store will be our new app, but you can jump over to the new app right now by downloading “Expensify” today.


Q: Why rewrite the app?

A: The new app was designed to streamline what we realized were by far the most common actions: scanning receipts and logging expenses while on the road.  It still does everything the old app does, along with a whole lot more.

Q: Why the new look?

A: Visual design is a tricky topic.  The main reason it looks so different is because the new app is built atop a cross-platform layer — it still uses native iPhone controls (and thus still has native performance), but doesn’t necessarily obey all the iPhone conventions.  The upside is it is more similar to our website and more consistent across platforms, at the downside of not feeling optimized for any platform in particular.  We’ll be adding in more platform-specific flair over time, but right now the feedback we’ve received has overwhelmingly encouraged us to just focus on getting the functionality right first.

Love Expensify?

Have an Android phone?

Well, your life just got a whole lot better.

Take a look at what got a huge update today; our Android app!



Now you can:

  • View and edit all of your expenses
  • View your receipts, and zoom in to see the details
  • View all of your reports and their expenses
  • Organize your unreported expenses into reports
  • Create, rename, and submit reports

To get all this, just update to version 3.0 from the Android Market!

Tony & Tom.

Team Mobile

Good news Aussies! To celebrate Australia Day, we’ve added an option to Expensify so that it is much easier to use while in the southern hemisphere! So if you sign into Expensify, go to Settings, and scroll down in Preferences, you’ll notice a new option:

Selecting “Southern Hemisphere” takes Expensify from the confusingly oriented this:

To the much more clear this:

So you can enjoy expense reporting the correct way up.

Want to see it in action? Just sign in or sign up for a free account! Happy Australia Day!

Tom. (An Aussie).

P.S., We’re also hiring engineers, with Australian/U.S. work visa sponsoring.

Following on from the blog post two weeks ago, we’ve made some more improvements. Today, the employees tab in the policy editor gets an overhaul, and is now called the people tab. Here’s a look at what has been upgraded:

New! Multiple final approvers. Whereas we used to limit you to select only one final approver, now you can just construct your report approval/forwarding chains and set the final approvers in the chains to forward to “No one” – this lets us know they are at the end of the chain; the final approver for this chain. Your existing policies will automatically be updated to match this new system.

Multiple administrators. Now there’s no limit on adding other administrators to the policy, and they can now manage everything in the policy: people, categories, tags, limits, etc, and even go on to add other administrators.

Multiple administrators means multiple accountants. Whereas previously, accountant selection was done by a single drop down selection menu, it is now done by just setting a person as one of the administrators.

Forwards-to and submits-to separation. Now each person can be set to submit their reports to one person, and be set to forward their reports to another, so when they don their report-approving hat, their approved reports will be forwarded to a different person, for the next level of approval.

Simplified layout. If they’re in the table, they’re in your policy. No more extra checkboxes for submitters or approvers.

Sync now button for QuickBooks & Google Apps. We’ve added a sync now button which syncs your employee list from QuickBooks or Google Apps, whereas before these people were just (somewhat confusingly) listed in the table even if they weren’t in the policy.

Add person window. This allows you to choose the person’s submit-to and forwards-to settings, gives you more control over sending emails, and makes it more clear that you can add multiple people at once.

Moved CC list. The people on your CC list have been moved into the main table, and set as administrators. All administrators are automatically CC’ed on every report that uses the policy.

As always, let us know what you think of these latest changes, by emailing, or just commenting here.

We just keep rolling them out; we’ve just released the Expensify Android application!

You could own this!

Again, what can you do with it?

Add Cash Expenses

For example, just after a fancy meal with clients, pick up your phone, press Expensify, press Add Expense, enter the amount, the name of the restaurant, enter the client’s name in the comments field, and press Submit to send those details right on up to your Expensify account, one click away from being on your next expense report! And if your company requires a receipt…

Upload Receipt Images

Simply snap a picture of the receipt with your phone’s camera, and it’ll be also sent up to Expensify, either attached to the expense you just entered, or unattached, ready to be attached to an expense later.

Install It

So don’t just sit there, pick up your Android G1 or MyTouch phone, head to the Market, and search for Expensify, or just check out the “Just in” section in Finance!

The app works on all currently released Android phones – and if you’re thinking of getting a Motorola Droid phone, coming our next week, don’t worry, we’ll have your expense reporting needs covered!


Mobile Developer


Lions with Lightsabers

Tom Jacobs —  August 19, 2009 — 6 Comments

At Expensify, we know security.


No matter who you are, no matter how careless you are, you can use Expensify.

Upload your receipts to us first. Only then you can you be careless with them.