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We’ve talked about open-sourcing some of our tools for a while, but talking and doing are different things. Having a small team developing an awesome service means we’re constantly busy and behind on many of our tasks, making it difficult to dedicate time for things that seem “less valuable”. As a result, I decided to set aside some time in the last few weeks to do this project and just get it done.

Here are few scattered thoughts around open sourcing our Segmented Control widget.  Continue Reading…

Drag, Drop and Wow!

cead22 —  July 16, 2014 — 2 Comments

WOW Fridays, internally referred to as “fWOWdays”, are an experiment we just started at Expensify, and the main idea behind it is to allow engineers to devote 20% of their time working on cool projects that improve our customers lives and WOW them at the same time.

You may have heard of other companies doing something similar, but none of them really do it the way we do expense reports, that is, in a way that doesn’t suck. By focusing the 20% time on “Don’t-break-things-Fridays” and shielding developers from support and other non-critical issues, they can stay in the zone and collaborate with other undistracted developers to build cool things.  Continue Reading…