Six Attendees Reveal Why They Can’t Wait for ExpensiCon Bora Bora

Joanie Wang —  April 10, 2018 — 1 Comment

We’re less than two weeks away from ExpensiCon, where the industry’s biggest thought leaders and Expensify’s biggest partners will meet to share best practices, forge lasting relationships, and get a sneak peak at Expensify’s game-changing product roadmap. From our conversations with attendees, it sounds like we’re not the only ones who are looking forward to this amazing event! Hear from six attendees on what they’re looking forward to most at this four-day conference — and why it’s a can’t-miss event!

Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA; Chief Executive Officer of MACPA

Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA; Chief Executive Officer of MACPA at ExpensiCon“Why am I super excited to be going to Expensicon II in Bora Bora? I get to spend four days living in the future of accounting with those who are shaping it. Expensify has assembled a collection of industry leaders, leading-edge firms, and innovative tech companies that I cannot wait to connect with and learn from each one. And the location sure beats an airport hotel!”

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Marsha Gibb, Director of Onboarding at Growthforce

“ExpensiCon Maui was a fantastic experience that I thought would be hard to top, but can’t wait for Bora Bora! Two years ago in Maui, we learned about the history of Expensify and what made Expensify soar to the top of the industry. Those sessions were so helpful in shaping how we understand the industry, and I can’t wait expand on that through meeting and collaborating with with some of the best accounting and technology experts in the field again this year. I also can’t wait to learn about the new features and see the product roadmap so I can bring those back to our teams at GrowthForce!”

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Nick Houldsworth, GM Ecosystem at Xero

Nick Houldsworth, GM Ecosystem at Xero“I’m most excited about the roundtable sessions with speakers like Tom Hood and Steph Hinds. As technology and automation transforms how we work, ExpensiCon is a unique opportunity to explore the challenges, opportunities, and future of our industry with an intimate group of thought leaders.”

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Lindsey Peckham, Executive Director of ExpensiCon at Expensify

Lindsey Peckham, Marketing at Expensify“After planning ExpensiCon for over a year, I cannot wait for guests to arrive at the Bora Bora airport!

I was given the amazing opportunity to create an ExpensiCon experience that inspires lifelong memories. This was a lot to follow up after our incredible Maui ExpensiCon, so I spent a few months researching locations, experiences, countries, and resorts, before “settling” with Bora Bora as our destination for ExpensiCon II. 

When we finally landed at the tiny island airport after many hours of travel for our first site inspection, I felt like I had arrived in paradise. I was completely in awe looking out at the clearest, bluest water I’ve ever seen alongside the sweeping, lush mountain views, feeling complete relaxation as we boated over to the resort. This was exactly the showstopper moment we want our guests to experience upon arrival. Here’s to hoping ExpensiCon brings our guests memories to last a lifetime!”

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David Wieseneck, VP Finance at letgo

Dave Wiesneck, VP Finance at letgo at ExpensiCon“Truthfully, I just like to talk to (read: nerd out with) other people that appreciate accounting and finance tools that amplify my output and save me time as an accounting professional. From my experience in Maui, ExpensiCon is a place to share ideas, workflows, and tools that are in the market and take them back to our companies and firms to implement for our employees and clients. It will be great to meet some of the other active users on the community forum (@tylerzoll I hear you’re attending!) and share ideas.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Expensify team in person and thanking them for the new features that have rolled out over the past year and for the support from the coaches and support team.

Most importantly, I’m also looking forward to swimming with some sharks. Unlike Trump, I love sharks.”

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Adam Grainger, Director, IT & Projects at Baker Tilly International

Adam Grainger, Director, IT & Projects at Baker Tilly International at ExpensiCon“Based on the agenda, speaker list, and roundtable sessions, there’s no doubt we’re all going to come away from ExpensiCon with a lot of new ideas, concepts, and plans to take back to our firms. ExpensiCon provides the unique opportunity to connect with peers at the top of our industry with diverse backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in two weeks, as well as spending more time with one of my favorite teams (shoutout to Lindsey, Tom, and Stef — see you all soon)! With Bora Bora as the backdrop, I know it will be an amazing experience of a lifetime!”

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We can’t wait to see our partners — and as you just read, the feeling is mutual! For those of you who are following along at home, don’t worry – you can join in on the knowledge share in the comforts of your own space. Keep an eye on this blog for all the ExpensiCon news, or follow the conversation using #Expensicon on Twitter or Tagboard!

Joanie Wang


Joanie Wang is the marketing lead at Expensify. When she isn't helping rid the world of expense reports that suck, she is doing yoga, diving into SF's culinary scene, or playing with her adorable puppy Arya.

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    I’m extremely excited for the conference in Bora Bora. It was a snowy day in Idaho when I got the invite. Thanks for the mention @daveweez, I’m excited to meet up and connect with contributors on the forum as well as the group that puts so much into Expensify.

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