What’s New for November 2015

Tim Golen —  December 8, 2015 — Leave a comment

This month, we’ve released most of the new features developed while on our annual offshore in Cambodia and Thailand. These features have been in beta for a while, but have now been released to all users.


Our team working hard in Siem Reap on new features.

For Everyone

We got tired of looking at the same old thing every day, so we have given our site a facelift with some new and improved styles. We hope you enjoy it! 

We also created a new robot to help ensure that our most important features continue to stay working. It mercilessly checks the most important areas of our site and won’t let us deploy new code until it gives us a thumbs up.

We have added more hooks into your workflow to make communication with you via our integrated chat a better experience and to give us better insight into how you use our product.


Our engineering team hard at work late into the night in Phnom Penh

Sometimes, it’s the little things. When you’re editing an expense, and you change the report that it’s on, the category and tag lists will now update to be in sync with the policy of the new report.

We have been hard at work on our mobile app too. In the most recent release, you can add your reimbursement account directly inside the app.

For Admins

Have you ever tried to trigger a reimbursement, only to be denied because the user hasn’t set up their reimbursement account yet? Expensify will now let you automatically reimburse a user once they have their account set up. You have the option to cancel the reimbursement at any time before then.

Admins now have complete visibility into all open reports for their policies.

You can now approve, forward, and reimburse reports directly from our new Report Inbox. We are working hard on adding the ability to export directly from the Report Inbox, so look for that coming soon.

Reports that were automatically generated from corporate liability credit cards can no longer be deleted. This is a favorite for companies that use Automatic Statement Reporting.

The newly minted Guided Review feature walks you through reviewing a report one step at a time.

The policy management section has been improved so that two people can no longer overwrite each other’s changes when editing a policy at the same time.

Accounting Integrations

QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, and Xero now have an option to automatically synchronize with Expensify every day.

If you use Intacct for your accounting needs, you’ll be happy to know that our integration with Intacct is now live for everyone. You will soon be able to automatically synchronize it as well.

Needless to say, the engineering team finished lots of great projects during the offshore to help make Expensify even better. Interested in trying any or all of these features? Write to us at help@expensify.com to get started!

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