Check it Out: Our Shiny New Automatic Statement Reporting Feature is Live!

alatexpensify —  April 29, 2015 — 2 Comments

Howdy from Al and the Success Coaches! I want to take this time to share our newest feature, Automatic (yes, AUTOMATIC) Statement Reporting.

Automatic statement reporting

Automatic Statement Reporting is a domain control feature that auto-creates and auto-populates a report with expenses for an assigned credit card in a given statement period. In other words, Expensify automatically places posted credit card transactions in an expense report for your employees who use corporate cards!

Some highlights of this feature include: 

  • Admins can create statement period expense reports for employees with assigned company credit cards
  • Employees can continuously populate the expense report with posted credit card expenses
  • A reminder email is sent to employees at the end of the statement period with the expense report, ready to be looked over by the employee before submitting to the administrator

If you’re as excited about this feature as we are, hop on over to our help page to get set up. As always, we love to get your feedback! If you have any questions just post a comment below or email

2 responses to Check it Out: Our Shiny New Automatic Statement Reporting Feature is Live!



    is there a way to import also international credit cards from German banks (i.e. a Master Card but issued by a German bank)


    Hi Bjoern,
    The type of card (MC, Visa, etc) doesn’t matter, but if we don’t support a direct link to your bank, you can upload a .csv file directly into Expensify:

    Hope that helps!

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