Expensify Travelers – Submit Pics for our Sign-In Page!

Ryan Schaffer —  December 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

Expense reporting used to be universally hated. Precious hours of our life wasted, sitting in a dreary office taping receipts to paper. Not anymore! With Expensify, all you need is a laptop with internet connection or your smartphone to log expenses no matter where you are in the world. We constantly receive emails from users proclaiming that Expensify made their recent trip across the country (or world) easy and hassle-free. 

These users also frequently send us photos of the exotic locations they visited requesting we put those photos on our sign-in page. If you’re unfamiliar with our sign-in page, we rotate photos of unique or beautiful locations taken by Expensify employees. Clicking the “i” button gives you a little blurb about the picture as well as the name of the photographer.

Expensify Expense Reports

As you may already know, we just got back from a month of working in Croatia and we’re planning on adding some of the pictures we took there to the home page rotation. As a user-focused company, it makes total sense to us that we should feature user photos on the site.

So without further adieu, we’d like to announce the Travel with Expensify Program! We want to see all the cool places our users have been. Bonus points if you used Expensify to track your expenses, track your flight, or to submit an expense report for that trip.

To show off your photography to 2.5 million Expensify users:

1. Submit a photo of a unique or beautiful location. 

-Filetype must be jpg or png.

-The bigger the better. Anything less than 1000px wide won’t look good.

2. Include the title or subject of the picture.

-Examples: “View from Above”, Pra Nang Beach, Exit Glacier

3. We need a comment or description of the photo.

-See our sign-in page for examples.

4. Email this info and photo to natalie@expensify.com with the Subject: “Travel with Expensify”

-OR simply upload the photo & info to Facebook or Twitter (be sure to mention “Travel with @Expensify” so we’re sure to see it) and show your friends the great places you’ve worked from.

5. If you submit via email and not social media, be sure to include know your name and company you work for.

That’s it! We’ll select the best ones and throw them into the sign-in page rotation where they’ll be viewed by the extremely important people who use Expensify. We can’t wait to see where you’ve been!

Ryan Schaffer


Expensify Director of Marketing and Strategy

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