Setup Multi-Tagging for your Company

garrettmknight —  December 13, 2012 — 10 Comments

As we announced a few weeks ago, Expensify now supports multiple tags per expense. Hooray! Companies on the corporate plan can now capture up to 6 pieces of information for each expense (1 category + 5 tags). This makes it official: Expensify now supports any and every accounting package. To help your company roll out this awesome new feature, we recommend the following:

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 9.53.15 AM 

1. Ensure that your company is upgraded to our Corporate plan and created a policy.

2. Decide what type of Multi-Tagging you’d like to implement:

  • Independent or Dependent – Would you like your second tag, say ‘Project’, to populate options based on the selection for the first tag, say ‘Department’? If yes, then choose Dependent Tags. Alternatively, if you’d like the same options in your tags no matter the selection of other tags, then choose Independent Tags.
  • GL Codes or No GL Codes – Would you like to capture GL codes associated with your tags, for export to your accounting software? If yes, then choose GL Codes. If not, then choose No GL Codes.

3. Populate one of the below CSV files with your accounting tag information and send them to, including the name of the policy you’d like them added to.

And you’re on your way to your very own multi-tagging Expensify policy!

We’ve put a ton of effort into making multi-tagging as easy and automated as possible, but with that said, it’s also important consider whether multi-tagging is the optimal accounting setup for your organization and your expense report submitters. If you have any questions about multi-tagging setup or Expensify in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

10 responses to Setup Multi-Tagging for your Company


    I have a question about the receipts. What happens if two years from now I close my expensify account–would the links to the uploaded receipts still be in the system if I were audited say in 2 1/2 or 3 years?


    All expense information, including your receipt images, will be maintained indefinitely in your Expensify account as long as you do not delete it.


    This is a really nice add. It would be really great if you could support web service updates to the tag lists (such as REST or SOAP). We have hundreds of active projects and opportunities changing every day and exporting a csv file is combersome. If our system could just directly communicate an update once or twice a day without exports or emails it would be great. Better yet (more advanced) allow the tag lists to call our web serivces to see an updated list all the time.


    Hey Scott,

    We’ll be glad to look into web service tag updates. We already maintain one such connection with FinancialForce/Salesforce. If you have any further input on this or would like to discuss more, please email us at and we’ll be glad to get a dialogue going.


    Question regarding CRA… Does anyone know if a picture of a receipt is sufficient for CRA in case of audit or should we keep the originals as well?


    Hey Scott,

    As far as I know the CRA does accept images as proof of purchase in case of audit; however, we are not tax professionals so I’d confirm with your accountant to ensure you’re abiding by CRA rules.


    The links to the spreadsheets seem to be “dead” now and are not working anymore…

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