How Do You Expensify: Using Expense, Receipt, and Report Filters

garrettmknight —  November 28, 2012 — 2 Comments

Get the most out of your Expensify experience; learn a little bit about slicing and dicing our Expenses and Receipts pages using filters. Not only is this knowledge handy for tracking down your expense data, you can also use it to capture subsets of your expenses for analytics as well as editing multiple expenses and receipts.

To begin, you’ll find filters on the left side of the Expenses and Receipts page. Also, date filters on all pages of Expensify are, by default, set to view the last 90 days. To view any expenses previous to the last 90 days, extend the date filters on the page to include your desired dates. 

Expense Page Filters

Breakdown your expenses by four types of expenses:

  • Unreported Expenses have not been added to reports.
  • Unsubmitted Expenses have been added to a report, but the report has not been submitted yet.
  • Reported Expenses have been added to reports that have been submitted.
  • Deleted Expenses have been deleted, but can still be accessed in case you made a mistake. (We know you don’t make mistakes and never have to use this.)

You can also filter your expenses by the card they were imported from and the category/tag they have been marked with.

Receipt Page Filters

Similar to Expense page filters, you can view different receipt types: Unreported, Unsubmitted, Reported, and Deleted. Beyond this distinction, you can view receipts that have been attached to expenses, receipts that have not, or both.

To learn a little more about the Reports page filter, check out our Understanding Report States post from a little while back. If you have any questions about filters or any feature of Expensify, as always, please feel free to contact us at

2 responses to How Do You Expensify: Using Expense, Receipt, and Report Filters


    HELP – My company is forcing everyone to use Expensable. If you have used Expensable, you know that it does not have the functionality or general friendliness of Expensify. I am trying to figure out how to keep using Expensify and convert the Expensify reports into something that Expensable will be able to understand. I guess our Auditors do not like seeing reports that are not formatted the same way. Ugh. I appreciate any suggestions, as I tried using Expensable this morning and just about lost my mind. The people at Expensable said if I can get my Expensify report into .ofx format, that could work, though it still won’t have receipts. Thanks again.


    Hi Ryan!

    If you shoot an email over to we will see what we can do.

    Most likely we can do a CSV import, but we need some more information before we know for sure.


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