The New Expensify Experience

Shawn Borton —  October 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Our UI has had a lot of sticks and stones thrown at it recently — ugly, developmentally challenged, and made in 2007 just to name a few. And though we didn’t take the names personally, we did recognize that our design had some room for improvement and today we can present to you the result of many hours of hard work and aesthetic care.

Before/After of the Reports Page

Semantic Subtleties 

We didn’t reinvent our own wheel, but rather we aimed to freshen-up our existing UI to be more clean, consistent, and cohesive across the board. With our new design, you’ll notice that all of the powerful tools of Expensify can be found right where they were before. But it’s all in the details, and we’ve added some new styles that help enhance the overall look and feel of the website. With our website header, the new gray tones separate navigation from content. Each select menu is styled with intuitive features like automatically scrolling long report names. Border radii are more consistent throughout each page. Buttons are more clear and concise. Icons have been redesigned to be more crisp and meaningful. Padding has been added to table views to make reading reports & expenses easier.

Before/After of New Expense Dialog

Colors, letter-spacing, line-heights, you name it. We’ve dissected each aspect of our now old design to give Expensify a visual refresh that is consistent in every way, ultimately leading to a much more enjoyable user experience.

Blue and yellow purple charts: adding some new color to the analytics.

Tidying up the receipts page.

More to Come

As we continue to offer new features, we will continue to place a high emphasis on the usability of our product. We have big plans for the future to help make your life easier and to make Expensify even more powerful.

Tell us what you think

The newly redesigned and polished Expensify experience is a redesign that strives to pair our product’s incredible function with beautiful form, and we think you’re going to love using it. But feel free to drop a comment or send an email to to let me know what you think or how you think we can continue to improve the design even further. We’re excited to hear your reactions and we hope that your expense reports will suck even less now.

Shawn Borton


Designer at Expensify.

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