Pro-Tips Monday: Report Actions

garrettmknight —  October 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

For this post, we’re taking it back to the basics. What do the buttons at the top of my report do? This:

For Submitters:

Before you submit

Sends the report to the specified email address, with the option to CC additional people. (Note: No need to CC yourself, just check ‘send me a copy’!) When you click submit, you can also add a memo and choose whether to email your submitter a full-color PDF of the report.

Closes the report without submitting to anyone.

Removes all expenses and then deletes the report. Expenses are not deleted permanently, they are sent back to the Expenses page and made available to attach to other reports.

Lets you add expenses to the report. You can also edit and create new expenses directly from this dialog.

Lets you edit expenses as if they were in the Expenses tab. This also allows you to edit multiple expenses at once.

Allows you to attach a receipt to the report itself. Note: this will show up in Attachments at the bottom of the report and not in Receipt thumbnails.

Prints your report as a PDF. Note: Enable full page images of PDFs to the right of the Report Thumbnails title if you’d like.

After you submit

Takes the submitted report back and re-opens it for editing.

For Approvers

Before Approving

You can either “Final Approve” the report or “Approve and Forward” to someone else for additional levels of approval.

Formally rejects the report and sends it back one step in the approval process with comments on what needs to be fixed.

After Approving

Pay the submitter the reimbursable amount of the expense report by ACH Direct Deposit or PayPal.

Undoes the final approval and opens the report to the approver for review. If you have archived the report, this will un-archive it.

Sends a PDF copy of the report to an outside party by email, as well as grants them online access to the report for additoinal processing (such as export to an accounting package).

You can export the report to QuickBooks, Freshbooks, or a custom CSV.

If you’ve got any questions about these or any other buttons in Expensify, please feel free to ask us anytime at

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