Pro-Tip: Understanding Verified, Reimbursable and Billable Expenses

Jason Mills —  September 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

Verified, reimbursable, and billable expenses. The list of expense terminology goes on, but customers most commonly write in about these three. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a pro-tip! What do these concepts mean, and how might one configure them in Expensify?

Verified vs. Unverified Expenses
A verified expense is an expense that Expensify has the ability to verify the authenticity of; these expenses are automatically imported from a bank or credit card, without being edited by anyone. In contrast, a manually-edited or “cash” expense is considered “unverified.” It’s an expense that may have a receipt and supporting documentation, but because it hasn’t come directly from a bank, Expensify highlights unverified expenses in yellow on an expense report (see picture left).

Reimbursable vs. Non-Reimbursable Expenses
A reimbursable expense is an expense incurred personally by you while on the job, and it’s something that the company will pay back to you. Alternatively, a non-reimbursable expense was likely incurred on a corporate card paid off by the company; it’s not something that needs to be paid back to you. It’s possible to edit and configure the “reimbursable” flag in three areas of Expensify:

1. Upon bank/card import

2. At Settings > Credit Cards

3. Within the expense edit dialogue (see billable section)

Important note: Non-reimbursable expenses are a feature of the Team plan.

Billable Expenses
A billable expense is an expense that a client will pay for, whether it was incurred on your personal card or on a company card. It’s possible to edit and configure the “billable” flag in two areas of Expensify:

1. Within the expense edit dialogue

set expenses as reimbursable and/or billable

2. At Settings > Preferences > Expenses Rules

Super Pro-tip

If you enter a period symbol in the field “when the merchant name contains” then all expenses will be marked according to your rule.

Important note: Billable expenses and expense rules are features of the Professional plan.

And there you go! As always, if you have any questions about terminology in Expensify, please write to us at

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