Business Traveler Best Practices

garrettmknight —  August 22, 2012 — 3 Comments

Being the expense-report-savvy individuals that we are, many of our users ask us about the best ways to use Expensify. In response, we’ve decided to post some of our best practices for certain use cases and facets of Expensify.

For business travelers, the general gist is simple: use our mobile apps to complete the vast majority of your expense report while you travel and, if need be, tie up the loose ends at when you get access to a full browser. To illustrate further, here is a walk through of a basic business trip from an expense report viewpoint:

1. Once you receive your flight confirmation email, forward it to

  • Our Trips feature will automatically recognize your itinerary and load it to your mobile app, reminding you of your flight and also reminding you to begin tracking your expenses.

2. Create a report to organize your expenses:

  • Create your report on the fly once you add an expense by choosing ‘create a new report’ in the expense details screen.
  • Go to the reports page in the app and tap the ‘new’ button to create a new report.

3. For all the expenses you incur along the way:

  • Snap a photo of the receipt with your mobile app and SmartScan it to have Expensify automatically attach the receipt to an expense imported from your connected credit card or bank account.
  • For any driving you do, use the mileage function. Keep track by manually entering mileage or use GPS tracking to make it even simpler.
  • If your company requires it, track time using the ‘time’ button in the app.

(Optional) If your approver is a stickler for perfection, login to to resolve any outstanding report violations and ensure your report is up to snuff.

3. Finish up your report and submit it on the go:

  • Once all the expenses have been added and you’re satisfied with your report, tap the submit button in the mobile app and you’ve done your part.

Of course, these are just suggestions from the pros; everyone has their own best practices to fit their own process. Email us at and we’ll be happy to advise you on best practices that fit your particular travel type, reporting rules, or expensing style.

Now go take care of (expense reporting) business like the best of em!

3 responses to Business Traveler Best Practices

    bank account for bad credit October 9, 2012 at 1:56 am

    Very excellent post, i’m currently in the process of considering applying for a basic bank account because I need to save pennies
    Do you have a twitter account I can follow?


    Follow us! @expensify


    Hey there,

    Please contact and we’ll be glad to help out.

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