9 responses to Pro-Tips Monday: Changing Your Expensify Username


    I’d like to have user names equivalent to actual names of employees, but having an entire company change their email addresses is unrealistic. When you can create a user name NOT based on an email address please let me know!


    Hi Caitlin – Thanks for the feedback! In Expensify, because email addresses are tied to To/From fields in expense reports, and email addresses also dictate how itinerary forwarding is handled, we have some engineering work to do to make this possible. It’s a great suggestion, and a direction we’d like to move toward!


    The set up of a team account is proving too time consuming! Where can I get live help???


    Hi Lin,

    Please email us at help@expensify.com and a success agent will get back to you ASAP!



    +1 on Lins comment. People want unlimited smartscans (I presume), else the free version does everything it should do. So why do I have to go through like… 15 steps and change usernames and all sorts of monkey-business? 🙂

    I say this with love, by the way. Still a huge fan but I want unlimited smartscans, simple, now. Thanks, Nils 🙂


    Hi Nils,

    Contact us at sales@expensify.com and we’ll set you up as soon as we can. It shouldn’t be difficult to sign up but we’re definitely standing by in case you need any help 🙂 Thanks for using us!


    all good, Justin from your support team helped me out. Just my two cents… you should ask someone totally external to go through your UX. Or make that 10 people (that have potential to use your product… sales people/ travellers… whoever your target audience is). I’m sure you can get valuable insight. I love the product, it’s simplicity, but actually giving you some of my money was pretty much the hardest part so far… but hey, perhaps it’s a non-profit business?! 😛

    Thanks, support has been outstanding as well, by the way!


    I also am finding it very cumbersome to just becoming a paying user! One thing I can’t seem to determine is if the subscription has a contract term or is it month to month?


    Hi Kathy, it’s a month-to-month subscription. We bill you at the end of the month (that way, if you don’t use the product, we won’t bill you!) We’ve found this billing system works well with our active user/month model. Let us know if you have any more questions!

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