Pro-Tips Monday: Secondary Logins and Merging Accounts

garrettmknight —  July 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Many of our users commonly confuse or misunderstand when to use a Secondary Login or merge their accounts. This edition of Pro-Tips Monday aims to define what each of these features allow you to do as well as what situations they are most commonly used in.

Secondary Logins

Adding a secondary login will allow you to access your Expensify account with an address different than your primary email. You can also send receipt images to one Expensify account from multiple channels, including other email addresses and mobile numbers.

Merge Accounts

Merging two accounts into one will transfer all of the reports, imported cards, secondary logins and most settings from one account into another. This is especially useful if you’ve been using Expensify as an individual and you’d like to shift all of your data and settings to your work-associated account.  But be careful because merging accounts is not reversible!

When To Use Which?

Some users confuse these two functions because instead of merging an account, you can technically add a secondary login and sign in using this address without making any further changes to your account. For the majority of situations in which users would like to submit expenses or login from multiple channels, we recommend adding a secondary login. Merge accounts should only be utilized when a user has been maintaining two accounts and would like to streamline to one. In this instance, adding a secondary login would not help.

For more information, check out our Secondary Login and Merging Accounts page. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at Thanks for your tuning in!

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