Regarding Recent Performance Issues

garrettmknight —  July 2, 2012 — 7 Comments

Over the past few days you may have noticed we had some performance issues. A combination of factors including a rather large and awesome spike in new user traffic, the Amazon U.S. East outage on Friday, and getting bitten by some of those “Oh, THAT’s why we disabled that!” moments led to a perfect storm of operational issues, and, unfortunately, downtime to the site.

For reference, the grey line is our historical rate of new users.

We’ve stabilized the site, and are putting a rush on some infrastructure improvements that were already in the pipeline. We’re proud of the high amount of uptime we provide, but sometimes the universe has other plans.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to provide you a better experience. If you have any questions, or if there is anything else at all we can help with, don’t hesitate to contact and let us know.

The Expensify Infrastructure Team

7 responses to Regarding Recent Performance Issues


    Sorry. This is a real hassle. End of month expenses can’t get in and its hard to say the dog ate my app.


    Hello Rex,
    We are very sorry for this. The site seems fine now. Can you confirm?

    Thank you so much.


    no not yet. i’m trying to run a report for past submitted expenses and it keeps crashing


    Can you please contact, they will help you very quickly to solve this issue.


    Do you guys use New Relic to monitor your application performance? If not, you should!


    There are still major performance issues. I just sent feedback about them, and the app crashed while I waited more than 30 seconds for it to submit my feedback!!!


    Hi there!

    If you don’t mind, please shoot us an email at with some details on exactly what you were doing when the App crashed. Our turnaround time on fixing mobile bugs is typically pretty quick. Thanks for your help!

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