Pro-Tips Monday: Expensify integrates with ADP and other Payroll Software

Puneet Lath —  May 29, 2012 — 5 Comments

I know today is Tuesday, but we decided to give you Memorial Day off from Pro-Tips. Today we’ll be talking about how to integrate Expensify and your payroll software.  This functionality is available to users on the Corporate plan. For this post we will be using the payroll software ADP as our example.

For a basic setup, there are 4 pieces of information that you will need to find in ADP and provide to Expensify. They are:

  1. Company Code – See “Edit Company” page in ADP
  2. Batch ID – Found in “Edit Company”
  3. File # – Employee number in ADP
  4. Earnings 3 Code – See “Edit Profit Center Group” page

These are the pieces of information that Expensify will export into a custom CSV file. That file can then be imported directly into ADP.

Once you have obtained this information, open up your policy settings. The first thing you will want to do is check the box for “Advanced Accounting Export” in the Basics section of your policy.

Then, add your Earnings 3 Codes to the to the corresponding payroll accounts. You will do this in the Categories section in the column titled “Payroll Code”.

Next, add your File #’s in the People section. You will do this in the column titled “Payroll ID”.

Lastly, create your payroll export format in the Export Formats section of the policy.


That’s it! Once this is done you will be able to choose to export expense reports to a spreadsheet which will be formatted according to your settings. That spreadsheet can then be uploaded directly into your payroll package. For a more robust description of this process, please visit our Payroll Integration help page.

5 responses to Pro-Tips Monday: Expensify integrates with ADP and other Payroll Software


    I have a question. We import our payroll file into our general ledger, where wages, taxes, benefits, auto allowances, etc. are coded by GL number, location and department and we avoid the manual, data entry of this information into our accounting system. Will those expenses go to a “general” GL code that will have to be manually recode into our accounting system?


    Hi Justine, I’m not 100% sure I understand your question and I don’t want to give you the wrong answer. I *think* you’re asking if we can create a single CSV file that you can import into both your payroll system as well as your ledger system. I imagine the answer is yes — our CSV system is very flexible — but I’m not 100% sure. Can you contact so they can help you iron out the details over email? Thanks!


    Do you integrate with Tipalti payroll system? (


    Hi Chanie. Expensify does not have a direct integration with Tipalti, but they can be integrated as long as Tipalti accepts spreadsheet upload. Please feel free to email with any further questions about this!


    Nice information…. Thank You

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