Archives For May 2012

Most travel is booked online, and the email receipt has both purchase information and itinerary details.  But don’t you hate forwarding those receipts twice: once to Expensify to get reimbursed, and once to <insert competitor here> to track during the trip?  No more!

Just forward your travel docs to and we’ll not only get you reimbursed after the trip, our mobile apps will now organize your itinerary DURING your trip.  After all, travel and expense are two sides of the same coin: your travel itinerary is just an expense report begging to be submitted.  Why use two apps when you only need one?  It works like this:

  1. Book travel online, as normal — Orbitz, Kayak, or wherever your usually book.
  2. Forward the confirmation email you get to
  3. Watch the trip details appear in the “trips” screen on the Expensify app (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone).
  4. 4 hours before your flight you’ll get an email travel update.
  5. Open the app and the next itinerary action is highlighted on the dashboard for instant access.
  6. Enjoy your trip!
  7. After you get home, another email will tell you your expense report is ready.
  8. Finish your report in one click: all your travel receipts are there, purchases imported off your credit card, and receipts SmartScanned.
  9. Click Submit; you’re done.

It all seems so obvious in retrospect.  But it only occurred to us to do it when we noticed while optimizing our SmartScan system that so many of our receipts are already travel itineraries.  Everything we’re doing here is with data we already have; we’re just repacking it up in a new way to provide a ton more value.

It doesn’t cost anything extra, there are no ads, and you needn’t upgrade to some premium plan — just keep using SmartScan like you already do (free for 10 receipts/mo) and this massive new feature comes along for the ride.  Just one more way Expensify is getting a little better, every day.  Give it a shot — you’ll never travel the same way again!