Pro Tips Monday: Linking Your Bank/Credit Card to Your Account

Omar Al-Agely —  January 23, 2012 — 30 Comments

The easiest way (second to SmartScans of course!) to add expenses to Expensify is to import your bank/credit card. Linking your bank/credit card is the best way to capture expenditures made on these accounts, and will let you see all of your spending in one spot! We’ll even update your transactions as soon as new purchases become available. Most transactions under $75 are also eligible for automatically generated eReceipts.

Before we get into any detail on how to get this set up, the first thing you want to do is to make sure that you can log in to your bank’s website. If you can’t, Expensify will not be able to communicate with them.

Link your account by clicking the Import credit card/bank account icon on your Dashboard and follow along with the step by step instructions.

Additional cards and accounts can be added by going to Settings -> Credit Cards and clicking on the “Import card/bank” button.

Step 1
Pick your bank from the list of most frequently added banks or type in its name to bring it up in a search

Step 2
Connect with your account by using the same Username and Password you use for online banking

Step 3
We’ll pull in all of the accounts tied to your username; just pick and choose the ones you want to import. If you are importing a corporate credit card, or any other account that you don’t pay directly, make sure to un-check the box for “the expenses on these cards are reimbursable” when importing the card.

You can learn about this and more by visiting our help section at or email!

Omar Al-Agely


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30 responses to Pro Tips Monday: Linking Your Bank/Credit Card to Your Account


    What if bank is not on list??


    I’ve managed to connect credit card to my account
    thanks for the tutorial


    @tim – Currently the best option in this situation is to download the transactions from your bank in OFX or CSV format and upload manually. More information is here, thanks!


    couldn’t link my thai amex card. Said it wasn’t supported. 😦


    @Andrew – Is your AMEX card issued inside or outside the United States? Currently we only support US AMEX, though we’re working to add international before the year is out. Thanks for your patience!


    I cannot connect to my Bank of America account (checking account/debit card used for biz). It takes my login and displays the correct security questions, but continues to cycle through the questions without logging in. I have been able to connect to my accounts through other apps.


    @Craig – Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re aware of the problem and it affects a small percentage of users — we’re currently focused on a Wells Fargo issue, but this is next on our list. Thanks for your patience!


    @David – thanks for that info. Just want to report we have an employee also with the same Bank of America problem mentioned above, so we’d love to have you get that worked through. Thanks.


    +1 for the BofA issue


    +1 for the BofA issue as well. Love everything about Expensify otherwise, but when I try to add a Bank of America account, it only gives me the option of adding my credit card account and not my checking account. This is a problem for me! Would love to have this issue resolved! Cheers.


    In addition, Expensify always tells me there is an error with my Bank of America account and I have to re-login my information each time I refresh my page. Until this issue is resolved, I’m very sad that I won’t be able to proceed since I really enjoy using the whole setup you have created, including syncing w/ my iPhone. Thanks and look forward to the update and progress.


    Hm, the BoA issue should be resolved. Can you please contact if you’re still experiencing it? Also, can first try “fixing” the card a few times? There’s a limitation where it needs to be fixed once for each security question, so it can sometimes take up to 3 fixes before we “learn” all variations. This is something we’re working to resolve, but is a workaround for now. Thanks!


    What about FIA Card Services (Business)? I can see personal, but can’t get the business to work.


    @Melissa – Hm, if it’s not on the list then we don’t currently support it. But good news: we’re putting the finishing touches on a system that should let us dramatically increase our bank support. Thanks for your patience!


    If I link an account than delete can I relink it? Deleting account “can’t be undone” the message says. Ever? You see, I’m having trouble linking to my USB account. I had linked my accounts but deleted them in setting up to use expensify. Bottom line I’m having trouble linking…


    @Dan – Ah, you can always re-link it after removal, sorry for the concern. Please email to diagnose your UBS issue. Thanks!


    Any progress on the Wells Fargo issue you mentioned above ? (Mar 20, 2012, 12:55 pm) As I have about 13 accounts that I need to get it pulled from Wells Fargo. I used to be able to do this smoothly until early this year when it just wouldn’t want to work. I can log in, it pulls my account but then it shows “Fix Card”! Grrrr …. I hope this gets fixed or else i need to try something else for the reports!: (


    @menmye9 Sorry for the trouble! Our Wells Fargo import is working great, it’s just that the bank is returning an error for your account. Can you email and I can explain this in more detail? Thanks and looking forward to resolving this for you!

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    which is the easiest bank to link to expensify,…PNC is a pain and I am shopping for a new bank


    Hi Glenn!

    AmEx works the best with Expensify. We’ve been having some difficulty with PNC as they use flash in their site and keep changing things on their backend which messes up the connection. I also have PNC so I understand your frustration.

    Capital One, Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo should all work.


    Trying to log in to our B of A business account, first it asked a security question that we didn’t have set up, then set account not set up. But it IS set up. Any suggestions?


    Hey Genevieve!

    Can you email with some more details on your situation? Thanks!


    Will this import all of my expenses or just the ones that I mark as business related? This is my personal AmEx so most of the expenses do not need to be reimbursed.


    Hi Parker,
    It will import all you expenses into Expensify, but your employer won’t be able to see your expenses until you submit the expense report to your administrator. Hope this helps!


    Hi, I added my bank account and credit card because there was a connections error….now I’m getting duplicate entries. How can I remove one?


    does Expensify support MileagePlus Explorer card from United/Chase? This is just a credit card not tied to my bank account, and I use this all the time for my expenses. But I can’t seem to find the card on the list…


    Yes we do! Simply select Chase as your bank and put in your credentials. Hope this helps!

    Natalie O'Connor December 16, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    Hey Darci,
    To handle bank issues, please reach out to for further assistance. We value your privacy and cannot discuss bank issues in a public forum. Thank yoU!

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