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That might sound obvious. I was employee number one, and I’ve been personally involved in hiring everybody else in the company. So I less than anyone should be surprised by what this team can do. But when Tom builds a remote-controlled, webcam/microphone/speaker equipped, four-wheeled robot just so Tony can attend a Thanksgiving party — I mean, who can’t be surprised by that level of awesome? And then for Tony to casually drive this silly robot into a roadmap meeting to discuss some fundamentally radical mobile ideas, not the least of which is how to maximize the value of our totally custom cross-platform mobile layer — my mind is blown.

I’m not saying every day feels like living in some parallel universe where Sneakers meets Ocean’s Eleven. But some do, and I can’t help but think “Damn! I love working here.”

PS: Did I mention we’re hiring? Programmers, salespeople, and desperately looking for a designer. Know any? Send them our way, please!

French Passeport

French Passeport

Expensify is a very innovative company. We have an awesome expense report system, a cross platform framework for mobile development, real replication layer, … But we also innovate on non-technical areas, such as immigration.

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