Markup Your Images with Receipt Details

ayumi —  September 13, 2011 — 9 Comments

To streamline and simplify Expensify even more, we’ve made some subtle but significant changes. Introducing…

Receipt Details!

This site-wide update let’s you manage your receipts in ways you’ve never been able to before:

  • Annotate receipts with Categories, Tags, and Comments
  • Scan annotated receipts
  • Attach receipts to reports and submit them (without the need for expenses)
  • Scan receipts on reports

To support these features, we polished various parts of the site. The receipt edit dialog has been revamped to clarify that details and an expense are optional additions to a receipt. The new expense dialog was also changed to reflect the changes.

Improved Expense/Receipt edit dialog

New report section: Attachments

A new section on the report contains “attachments”, or images without attached expenses. You can add supporting documents to your report, or compile a collection of receipts and simply submit that to your accountant. It’s a versatile section and we’ll be adding more functions soon.

New Reports Feature: Attachments

Report it and Forget it

You don’t need to wait for receipts to finish scanning for expenses; feel free to add receipts to a report straight away, then scan them directly on the report. They’ll transform into full-fledged receipts with expenses.

Scan an attachment and it becomes a receipt with an expense

Here’s a really handy workflow:

  1. Capture receipt photos with our mobile app, adding details on the spot (“Lunch with Alice”)
  2. The receipts are queued for automatic scanning
  3. Add the receipt on a report — it’s still queued for scanning
  4. Come back later, and your receipts are all scanned and correctly attached to the credit card expenses
  5. Submit the report!

Very soon we’ll also allow you to add receipts to reports from the mobile apps, so stay tuned.

Please send us feedback!

We read every piece of mail sent to us, and this feature was created because users asked for better receipt management. If you’d like to play a role in fighting sucky expense reports, please send us a message at or leave a comment below.

Thanks and happy expensing!




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9 responses to Markup Your Images with Receipt Details


    fantastic……now I can add my boarding passes which the company needs to confirm I actually went on my flights.


    Great feature, this saves me having to add “dummy” expense lines of $0 when extra supporting documentation is required


    I am a little confused. It seems that, if I click on “scan” rather than waiting for your automated slower version, I am charged something. I have never seen where that is written. Could you guide me, please?


    Sorry for the confusion; scanning is an extra premium feature, though it’s always free to just upload and manually annotate receipt images. Does this make sense? Thanks!


    Like the app very much. Two things, however: 1) I often get a force close on my Droid X. Am I doing something wrong? 2) I post mileage without having a receipt (I read the figure from my trip odometer), so the report shows a violation. Can you remove the need for a receipt specifically for mileage?


    Hi Steven, can you write regarding your Droid X force-close issue? Can you confirm you’ve upgraded to the latest version first? As for the mileage receipts, yes, I agree: we need to add category exceptions to the receipt requirement. It’s on our list, thanks for your patience!


    I am new to business. Are scanned and Non-scanned images allowed to be downloaded in a batch for personal backup?


    Yes, just go ahead and add them to a report and then you can download it in PDF format. Thanks for asking!


    This is great stuff–I really appreciate when you guys keep moving the app forward in ways that make sense, and are easy to use. Still hoping to see the ability to capture a receipt with my phone and, at the same time, put in tags, comments, etc. when it’s all fresh. That way when the scan/match is complete, i don’t have to do anything but put it into a report and submit.

    keep up the good work, guys!

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