New Feature: Crop and Rotate Receipts

ayumi —  August 11, 2011 — 12 Comments

Good news everyone!
You can now crop and rotate your receipts in Expensify!

Click on a receipt to bring up the Edit dialog:

Adjust the image as you like, and click the check to save!

Crop and Rotate - Crop

How do I undo?
Previous versions of the image go to Deleted Receipts. Change the receipts dropdown from “Unreported Receipts” to “Deleted Receipts”, and you can restore old receipts.

Best wishes,

~ ayumi



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12 responses to New Feature: Crop and Rotate Receipts


    good feature ! 🙂
    viewing the source !
    which is quite simple 🙂


    I don’t have those options. Is it being rolled out slowly?


    Hi Cathy,

    This feature should be working for everyone except IE7 and IE8 users (since they don’t support the HTML5 Canvas element). If you’re on another browser, please go ahead and send us a mail at with a description of what you see in the dialog instead and mention my name (Ayumi) so it gets to the right place.

    Ayumi Yu
    Software Engineer


    I actually had a quick look in your account, and it’s not working because you have PDF receipts. Crop and Rotate only works for flat images.


    great addition!


    Excellent feature! When Expense report looks so clean, this thought used to cross the mind how to make the receipts good as well. Sure to try it in my next expense report. Thanks!


    I’m not seeing this feature on my account either. I use Chrome. As a side note. I can’t seem to get the mileage tracking to work correctly on my iPhone 4s either. When I click on the Currency selection it pulls up a blank grey box. Same for tapping on the Category as well. Any advice?


    Great, glad to have that feature. Suggestion for next feature? A “scanner” option for removing backgrounds from photo’s of receipts, flattening and whitening them. Similar to what the Smartphone scanner apps do. Keep up the good works.


    Hm, that’s very strange. Can you email regarding your iPhone issue? Are you using “Expensify” or “Expensify Lite”? Sorry for the inconvenience!


    is there a “group rotate” feature? for example you click check multiple images and click rotate and do them all at once? thanks.


    Unfortunately we don’t have this feature, but you should be able to attach a multipage PDF to an expense, click in, and see all the pages.

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