Pro Tip Mondays: Import Your People

micah —  July 25, 2011 — 1 Comment

The first in an upcoming line up of updates to what can be added in bulk is the ability to upload your employee email list.   When you are setting up an entire company save a copy of your employee contact list to a spreadsheet or comma separated value (CSV) file.  From the People page or the same tab of an expense policy click the Import employee emails and contacts in to Expensify button, choose which file to add and pick the email column to add everyone in bulk.

Upload contacts and employees to Expensify

Here’s some handy tips so you can import with the best of them

Get your contacts from Gmail

Take a look through Google’s guide to exporting Gmail contacts and make sure to select Outlook CSV as the export format.

Depending on how much information is stored with each contact you may get a file which has 20+ columns.  Make it easier for yourself to preview who is getting added to your account by cleaning up the CSV file to have only the email column.

Sync with contacts in Google Apps

No need to fuss with files. Just install us in to your Google Apps domain and we’ll sync with your contact list directly.

Pull contacts from Microsoft Outlook

Depending on which version you are using, take a look at the Outlook 2002/2003 contact export guide or the Outlook 2010 contact export guide.  Remember to save the contact list as a CSV file and export as few columns as necessary because only the email is used to set people up.

Remember that each person you invite gets you 5 receipt scans! Give uploading your people a go – get started by creating an expense policy!

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