Create Invoices and Rebill Expenses with Billable Support for QuickBooks

Zhenya Grinshteyn —  July 14, 2011 — 27 Comments

Often times even when your expense report is done, the expensing process isn’t over.  If you do consulting or deal with clients directly on behalf of your firm chances are that a lot of costs are incurred on the clients behalf and must be billed back to them.  If you’re using QuickBooks there’s now an easier way to tell which expenses should be rebilled to the client.

Billable support for invoices in QuickBooks

When you’re working on an expense report, open up any expense item in detail and check out the new “Billable” box!  Put a check there and mark any expense as one that needs to be billed back to a client.  When the expense report is brought over in to QuickBooks the billable flag will already be set for the expenses that need to be invoiced.  From there, create an invoice in QuickBooks the same way you normally do and send it off to get paid.

27 responses to Create Invoices and Rebill Expenses with Billable Support for QuickBooks


    I like it David, Keep up the good work.


    I’m an Aviation Manager and have used many different kinds of expense reports/tracking systems for the past 37 years. This one is by far the best…..and whenever I have a question and email it to ‘them’ it is usually answered within 24 hours and very properly…..David, Like Wesley said…..Keep up the good work.


    well done


    i need a way to show the expense was paid please


    I need to be able to enter my starting and ending mileage everyday, will your application do that for me?



    Does this use Quickbooks Items? You don’t mention Quickbooks Item support explicitly, but that is the only way I know of to create an invoice for a client that lists itemized billable expenses. Or is there another way?


    Wonderful app. I really like this one.It makes many tasks so easier very productive at personal level.


    Yes, good work. I use Yendo for the Accounting part and suggested recently that they need integration with expensify. What would we be interesting is if, in the future, expensify delved into inventory tracking. Would be great to be able to use a smart phone/tablet with an expensify type program and bar code scanner to track what stock comes into the store. Especially now you are starting to integrate with accounting/POS software.


    Great feature. Thanks David.


    I often work as a tour manager for a large group abroad and have to pay substantial cash amounts for various expenses and perdiems on the go when access to a laptop or a notepad is not always handy. Expensify has help me trumendously in entering these instantly and keeping track of every dollar disbursed, then reporting all to the production company in a categorized way. thank you david for this excellent and cleverly done application. a link to quickbooks is the cherry on top. five stars by far.


    Not yet Greg, but we’re working on that!


    Hi Sue, yes, I believe we support items. The complete list of options is listed when you export the report (the precise set depends on what version of QB you’re using, and how you’re connecting to it). Can you give it a look? Thanks!


    Hi PairODice, you can do this by clicking “Mark as Reimbursed” on the report. Thanks!

    Clarence D. Knox, BMET August 8, 2011 at 11:46 am

    How can I get this and try it for myself?

    Zhenya Grinshteyn August 9, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Hi Clarence,

    You can sign up for an account directly at https:/ Let me know if there’s anything specific I can help with. Thanks!


    Is there a way to make the billable flag visible on the face of the report (so it shows up in emails/prints)? We don’t integrate with the bookkeeping software at this time, but the bookkeeper still needs that piece of information.

    Same goes for the reimbursable flag for corporate credit cards that might occasionally be used for a personal charge.

    Thanks. Just found your product recently, but so far I’m impressed.


    Hi Bryce, that’s a great idea. We initially only supported it at the request of accountants for inclusion in export, but yes, it makes a ton of sense to be shown on the report. Reimbursable expenses *are* flagged on the report, I believe. Thanks for asking, and I’ll be sure to include your request in our planning!


    I am having an issue where the billable expenses are not accurately importing to quickbooks desktop. Expenses not marked as billable are considered billable and wont let me sync becuase it says my billable expenses need to be assigned to a job.


    @julian – So sorry for the slow response! Can you please write so we can take care of this? Again, sorry for the delay!


    Any updates on when Expensify will be adding Quickbooks “items” as an exportable feature?


    In order to add new features to our QuickBooks integration we’ll need to rewrite it from scratch. This is definitely something we’re planning on, but I can’t give you a concrete timeframe at the moment. Feel free to email if you have any further requests for this integration!


    Is is possible to create an custom invoice (with company logo, address, etc) that includes billable expenses & services provided – within Expensify to a custom invoice? I am a self employed (sole trader) & this would be invaluable. Many thanks for any advice.


    Hey Conall,

    We’re actually looking into an Invoicing feature set currently. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements!


    Any news on when the feature requested by Connall will be available. I also would like to bill my expense and services on the one invoice through expensify.

    By the way .. I really love this product. Its made tracking of expenses so easy. Thanks


    Hi David! We have recently added an invoices to Expensify!
    Check out the blog post here:


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