Pro Tip Mondays: Secondary Logins

micah —  April 11, 2011 — Leave a comment

So you’re all set up with Expensify through your work email, And your co-worker Alice just told you that you can upload receipts by emailing them to That’s great, because you just snapped a picture of a receipt from your phone, and now is the best time to email it in before you forget. “But wait!” you think. “I only have my personal email address setup on my phone. Expensify has no idea that is my email address too!”

Of course, the Expensify team has already contemplated this scenario for you, and we have a perfect solution!

You can add any email address as a secondary login. This means that it will be recognized the same way as your primary email address: you can sign in with it, and you can email in receipts from it. Phone numbers are also valid as a secondary login; set up a phone number in order to add expenses by text message. (Yes, you can add expenses by text message!) Feel free to add as many secondary logins as you need.

To add a secondary login, head over to your Settings page, and under the Secondary Logins section you’ll see a 5 letter code called your Unique ID. Simply send an email from the address you wish to add (for example, your personal email) and include the 5 letter Unique ID in the subject line. That’s it! Go back to your Settings page to confirm that it’s been added; it should now appear in the list.

Now suppose you have left Bob’s Company, so your old email address,, is no longer valid. In this case you should change your primary login – just click the [make primary] button – in order to remove the old email address you no longer need.

Our users have many other reasons for adding secondary logins to their account. For instance, if your personal assistant needs to upload your receipts to your account from his email address, then add his email as a secondary login. It’s just a matter of getting creative in your workflow, and do what works for you.

You can learn about this and more by visiting our help section here:

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