Pro Tips: Edit Multiple

micah —  March 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

Let’s say you have a lot of similar expenses that you’d like to edit in the same way. For instance, if you import your expenses via a credit card, often times the merchant names of the same place can be almost identical except for some code store gibberish put in there. Or you want to re-categorize 15 expenses to the same category. What do you do?

Well, we’ve got the perfect solution to this! Head on over to the Expenses page, select the expenses you would like to edit, and click the “edit multiple” button. Then the Edit Multiple dialog will pop up. Any fields that you change here will affect all the selected expenses, any fields left blank will leave the expense as is. So, if the expense amounts are all different, and you wish to keep these intact, leave the amount field blank.

Here’s a graphical step by step run through:

Step 1

Select all the expenses you wish to edit, then click "edit multiple"

Step 2

In the Edit Multiple Dialog, fill in the fields you wish to change, leave the rest blank.

Step 3

Done! The expenses should reflect the changes.

This has been a long-awaited and oft-requested feature, yet another small change that marks a big improvement. Until next week, this has been another edition of Expensify Pro Tips!

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