Pro Tips: Receipt Browsing

micah —  February 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

You’ve got the expense, now what?

So you’ve found the expense you were looking for, and you want to attach a receipt to it. Clicking on the green “+” icon will bring up the View Receipts dialog, which has a thumbnail view of all of your receipts. The problem: many thumbnails don’t show the relevant information, such as the merchant or amount, that allow you to distinguish which receipt belongs where. The solution: browse full sized receipt images and attach it to the expense immediately.

Browse Receipts

Click on the image to get a blown up image of the receipt. Here you can easily view the merchant, date, amount, and any other information the receipt may contain. Hover over the left or right portions of the receipt and click the navigation arrow to move on to the next receipt. At the bottom you can also see which expense you are attaching a receipt to. Once you’ve found a match, click attach and you’re done.

Pro Tip

Much of the navigation in our site can be done with keyboard shortcuts. When browsing receipts, you can click the left/right arrows on your keyboard to see the previous/next receipt. You can always hit ‘esc’ to close the dialog.

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