Pro Tip Monday: Auditing Duplicate Receipts with Expensify

expensifymeg —  February 21, 2011 — 1 Comment

We know many of you incur a lot of similar or repetitive expenses, and sometimes those charges can look suspiciously like duplicates. For managers out there who have to approve reports, these duplicate doppelgängers can spell trouble. But we’ve figured out a way to take you step by step through the audit process for these receipts that ensure no two people submit the same receipt image, and no single user submits the same receipt twice.

First: When you receive a report, confirm that the reported expense matches what is on the receipt image. While you probably treat this as due diligence already, we bring it up because it still lays the foundation for the entire audit and can allow you to catch any other line-by-line errors early in the process.

For example:

Our reported expense above matches the receipt listed below:

Second: On a periodic basis – perhaps monthly – visit your Expenses page and choose “Reported Expenses” on the left. This will display all expenses that were ever submitted for approval. If you set the date range to the month you want to audit, you can sort the table by Merchant Name by clicking the “Merchant” header, and then by “Amount.”  You can see this in the screenshot below:

Third: Scan down this sorted list for any transactions for identical amounts with similar merchants and dates. You can see an eye-catching similar expense below:

Fourth & Finally: Click on the receipt icon next to any matching/very similar transactions to see the receipt and verify for sure that they are different. Many receipts, for instance, have a transaction number or receipt number listed on them, so even if employees have made legitimately duplicate purchases, their receipts should be slightly different to allow for different transaction times and receipt number.

An important note to remember that Expensify helps you with: eReceipts can never be duplicate expenses. Because they are generated specifically by your credit card charges, they cannot be the same charge uploaded twice. So any time you see the “E” receipt icon in the receipt column during an audit, you can skip over those charges and rest assured that they are already audited and approved as unique charges.

And that’s a really basic way to use Expensify to audit your duplicate expenses!



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One response to Pro Tip Monday: Auditing Duplicate Receipts with Expensify


    Have the opposite problem. Adding in the same expenses for many days in a row (ex. Parking, tolls, or mileage that doesn’t vary). Today it appears I need to enter each of these separately. Isn’t there a better way?

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