The Expensify iPhone & iPad app 2.60 update

Tom Jacobs —  December 21, 2010 — Leave a comment
Hooray! We’ve just released an update to the Expensify iPhone & iPad app- it includes many great improvements, so if you’re an avid Expensifyer, be sure to grab the update today! It’s available in the App Store now; so to update, just:

Click here on your iPhone/iPad

or, tap the App Store on your device, tap the ‘Updates’ tab, tap ‘Expensify’, and then tap ‘Free’.

Here’s what’s included in the 2.60 app update:

  • It now has 100+ extra currencies
  • The issue where receipts occasionally got stuck when uploading has been fixed
  • A progress bar for uploads has been added
  • Receipts continue to upload even after you close the app, and you get a notification when they’re done
  • iPhone 4 retina display graphics have been added
  • The style & graphics have been updated
  • You can now tap an offline queued receipt to upload it
  • And many more small fixes, speedups, and improvements have been made


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