Expensify’s new setup wizard for Google Apps hosted companies

Zhenya Grinshteyn —  July 13, 2010 — Leave a comment

It’s been almost 5 full months since we launched our expense reports that don’t suck in the Google Apps Marketplace. During that time we’ve received a lot of great feedback from many of the new companies that came to us from the Marketplace (Welcome everyone!). From that feedback we’ve designed a setup wizard that breaks down the install process into simple, manageable steps and eases the transition for your company to use our app for your expense report management.

The wizard only shows the information most relevant and automatically adjusts to your needs to take the time and hassle out of setting up a company. The changes run deep under the hood, but the most notable differences are outlined below.

Sync with your company’s employee email list

Sync your company email list to make sure everyone gets an Expensify account when you add us to your universal navigation bar. Syncing with your email list also lets us automatically keep your expense policy up to date with new hires, reducing the time and overhead spent on expanding your workforce. Use the drop downs next to each name to create an approval tree for all submitted expenses. Once the wizard is complete, we’ll create accounts for your employees and send out a brief welcome email with some tips to get started.

Share administrator privileges with an accountant

Give your accountant access to the expense policy. They’ll be able to make updates and set up the sync with QuickBooks to pull in your company’s chart of expense accounts. Use the synced account list to auto-categorize transaction types and save your employees’ time when they create their expense reports as well as increase the submission rate of correctly formatted reports.

Not using QuickBooks? Create your own expense categories!

Central billing

Learn about our pricing and set up a billing credit card for your company’s use of Expensify. Remember, it’s free for your company to receive expense reports from up to 2 people each month so you can skip this step and jump right in to an unlimited free trial. When you’re ready to switch your entire company on to Expensify we’ll show our pricing again and prompt for you to enter a billing credit card.

Read more about our app in the Google Apps Marketplace with the link below!

Need help setting up your company to use Expensify? Check out our step-by-step tutorial here

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