Take control of your business expenses with our analytics tool

Zhenya Grinshteyn —  May 11, 2010 — Leave a comment

Update: This analytics feature was picked as the Finovate 2010 “Best in Show”!!

To date, all of our features and integrations have saved contractors, employees, bookkeepers and accountants countless hours and many a headache in getting expenses organized. But what about the managers, the people approving and reimbursing expenses? Well, today is their day!

We’ve just added a powerful addition to our web app: a complete analytics package to track and review spending in varying levels of detail. With a single click, Expensify analytics populates your employee’s expense reports into clear charts and graphs, allowing you, the decision-maker, to better manage your resources, budget and team. All reported and unreported expenses can be viewed and analyzed by employee, by date, and by expense category. Each of these can then be broken down even further to show daily, monthly, or yearly totals for spending.

Expensify Analytics line graph of employee spending

A chart of daily spending pinpoints spikes in consumption

Our free analytics tool will help you to spot excess spending, curb over consumption, and gain insight in to your operating costs. Sign in to your account on our site, head over to the Expenses tab and see your employee and contractor spending in an entirely new way!

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