BlackBerry App Released

Tom Jacobs —  October 22, 2009 — Leave a comment

Huzzar! Expensify’s BlackBerry app has just been released to the BlackBerry App World and is ready to roll!

Look at this bad boy.

What can you do with it? Let’s have a look:

Add Cash Expenses

For example, just after getting out of a taxi, enter the fare amount, “Taxi” , and add a comment, and send it right on up to Expensify. And if you require a receipt…

Upload Receipt Images

Simply snap a picture of your receipt with the BlackBerry’s camera, and it’ll be sent up to Expensify, either attached to the expense you just entered, or unattached, ready to be attached to an expense later.

Install It!

So don’t just sit there, pick up your BlackBerry, head to the App World, and search for Expensify !

The app works on all BlackBerries that have the App World. And if your BlackBerry doesn’t have the App World, you can install it by going to on your BlackBerry.


Mobile Developer


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