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In a few weeks, Expensify will be releasing a brand new version of our QuickBooks Online integration. This complete overhaul was built to be faster, more stable, and so much easier to use.

Here’s a brief overview of the new features that will be part of this integration:

  • Vastly simplified connection setup: configure the policy once and export your reports to QBO without having to specify which accounts to export to, or export type, etc.
  • Billable flags are now passed from Expensify to QBO
  • Classes and locations now import as report fields in Expensify
  • Export preferences can be configured based on expense type (reimbursable vs. non-reimbursable)
  • Employee and vendor records automatically match to the Expensify report submitter.
  • Connect your Expensify policy to QBO in two clicks.


The QBO connection configuration dialog


Additional features, like tax support and export date configuration, are already planned and will be added in the future.

This new integration is currently in a closed beta test. If you would like to take part in this beta, simply email and specify that you would like to be able to test the new QuickBooks Online integration.

Thanks, we can’t wait for this to go live!

Since 2008, Expensify has been striving to make expense reports not suck.

Over time, the design of our site and mobile app has evolved, but the basic design has remained pretty much the same. Sure, we have tweaked and improved it, but globally the design has stayed relatively consistent.



Historically, our users have enjoyed Expensify because it’s an easy to use product with a clean interface. To continue to provide this feel, we felt that the current UI/UX could stand for some modernization and simplificaition. It took tons of collected feedback, lots of time and even more discussion but we’ve finally come up with something that we feel will make your Expensify experience better.  You can try this pretty, new Expensify by opting into our beta server.


After. [heads turn] Oooohhh… Ahhhh..

For a company, creating an expense report “solution” can be an easy process. You define what you need and just do it, user experience be damned. Many people are using an awful Excel based process. (want to leave that behind? Try SmartReports) .

We here at Expensify have a different take on it. We believe that expense reporting can be simple and convenient using automation and robust company controls to encourage compliance. To this end, we’ve created an application that supports individual users, tracking their personal expenses, AND multinational corporations with thousands of employees. Our current design did a good job at “hosting” all our functionality, but as I said before, we can do better.

New Header, Improve Navigation

One of the first things you’ll notice is the new header/navigation bar. We merged our headers  into one, freeing a lot of vertical space.



The global navigation of the application has been updated. The dashboard is now “hidden” behind the logo. It is our homepage, so binding it to the click on the logo made sense. This freed vertical space on the navigation bar but also removed a secondary screen from the highlights. The navigation will now contain the most important pages of the site prominently: “Expenses”, “Receipts”, “Reports” and “Admin”.

Help Menu

We also grouped most of our help links into a new, context sensitive, help menu. Here you can find common questions, direct access to search our help website, and a way to send us direct feedback.

Help Menu

User Menu

You may have also noticed the picture on the top right. Click on it and you will discover our new user menu.

User Menu

User Menu

This menu aims to group together, in a less obstructive way, the settings that apply to your account. You will find the list of policies that your account has access to and the ability to pick the one you want to use here. You can also connect to other users accounts thanks to our Wingman feature. Finally, you will be able to access your Personal Settings and change your avatar. For that, we are using the excellent Gravatar as it is easy to use, free and widely accepted.

Once again, hiding these “secondary” elements allows us to uncluttered the UI and show only the most important navigation elements.

Report Filtering

Pagination controls

Pagination controls

On the reports page, most of the changes are behind the scene.

We are now doing real backend filtering and use real pagination to load the list of reports. In plain English that means that we are now loading the 250 most recent reports initially. You can view more by using the pagination control on the top right of the reports list.

We hope it will solve the confusion created by our previous behavior of initially loading the last 45 days, which would make older reports “disappear” after a while.

Another benefit is the substantial speed boost. Accounts with a lots of reports can now load the page more quickly.

You can now filter the list of reports by submitter, report name and report ID using our search bar. For submitters, we even help you write the email address of the submitter thanks to our handy autocomplete feature.

Autocompletion of the submitter email

Autocompletion of the submitter email

Report Page

All previously mentioned magic, we spent most of our time improving the report page. Our goal was to provide an accurate preview of what your report will look like if you export it to PDF.

Report Page

Report Page

It’s hard to list all of the changes we have made, but I will try to focus on the most import ones.

Report status: We are finally displaying the status of the report!

Report status

Report status

On the same level you will find the report ID and the report type selector which allows you to convert an expense report into an invoice.

Policy Selector: The policy used by this report is now clearly indicated and can be changed using this control.

Policy Selector

Policy Selector

This single item justifies the whole redesign. By clearly separating the primary policy used by the account from the policy of a report, we hope to streamline and simplify the Expensify experience for user with multiple policies.

Report cycle: You can go switch between report without having to go back to the reports page, making the approval of a bunch of reports much faster if used with bulk approval.

Report cycle

Report cycle

Action Buttons and Next Step: We have increase the visual weight of the buttons for changing the state of the report to make it more obvious and visually accessible.

Action button and next steps

Action button and next steps

Report Tools: On the right of the report, you will find the new toolbox.



Here you can change the report layout, export the report to PDF, attach receipts, add expenses,  and share the report with other people, etc.

To use Expensify with this new layout, just jump on our beta server. Tell us what you think, we are still making improvements!

We hope you love the changes! VIVA LA EXPENSIFY!!!

Old Report Page

Old Report Page

New Report Page

New Report Page

Expensify Xero IntegrationWe’re excited to officially introduce the Expensify Xero Integration! Users from both of our companies have been requesting we sync up and make this happen and now that fantasy is reality.  Log in now to experience Expensify/Xero nirvana!

The integration is powerful, yet simple.  First, we pull in your expense accounts (or any account that has “Show In Expense Claims”) from Xero as Expensify categories. Next, just use Expensify like normal, but categorize your expenses using the new Xero categories. Once your reports have been submitted and approved you click “Export to Xero” and you’re done! Your Expensify reports are now bills in Xero! It’s as simple as that.

Head over to to get started. As an added bonus, Xero is giving Expensify users a great deal, so check it out! (New sign ups only) Once you’ve given it a spin, let me know what you think! We will continue to look for ways to improve this integration, so email any Xero integration feedback you have to

Here at Expensify, we understand that simplicity is imperative to a smooth workflow. To that extent, we’ve received requests over the years to simplify, or at least add some simple options, to our approval workflow. Today we’ve made good on those requests. We’re proud to introduce two new Approval Modes: Submit Only and Submit & Approve

Submit Only:

The most basic approval option in Expensify. This is also the default option for new policies and accounts.

When the submit-only option is enabled, reports for all users will be sent to a single person or external system via email with a PDF copy of the report attached. The reports will automatically be closed in Expensify after submission, with no approval required.

This approval mode is typically chosen by companies that do not require reports to be approved, or simply want to send reports to an external system like AvidExchange.

Submit & Approve:

The most basic option for companies that require reports to be approved.

When the submit and approve option is enabled, reports for all users will be submitted to a single person for approval. The company approver will final approve all reports they receive without an option to approve and forward.

And as always you’ll be able to utilize Advanced Approval:

For companies that have more complicated approval workflows.

When the advanced approval option is enabled, the approval workflow can be configured at the employee level. This option also allows for a multi-tiered approval and rule-based approval structures. To read more about setting up advanced approval please visit our dedicated advanced approval help page.

What this means for current users?

Extra functionality! You’re existing policies will remain in Advanced Approval. New policies will be set to Submit Only.

If you’d like to change to Submit Only or Submit & Approve, you can do so in your policy’s People section:

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 9.19.17 PM

For any questions regarding our new workflows, check out our Approval Overview help page or email and we’ll be glad to clarify!

Here at Expensify, we’re constantly striving to improve our product. User feedback drives a majority of these improvements. Corporate Card Reconciliation, Invoicing, and Prepay are all examples of new features developed due to user demand. Now, we are happy to announce some improvements to our report approval workflows. The workflows were already highly customizable, but our users wanted more options. You asked for it, and we’ve delivered! Approval workflows now have the ability to dynamically change based on report value.

Previously, our workflows were static. The report had to go through a predefined flow no matter what. A common suggestion heard was to make reports go to different people based on value of report. So now, if a report is over/under $X the flow will adapt and reroute to a different person.

Here are some examples:


Sales person submits $5000.00 expense report to their manager.  The manager submits to a junior accountant. This is a very typical flow and works for a majority of companies. The problem here is that some companies have policies that reports over a certain value cannot be approved by anyone other than the head of accounting.


Sales person submits $5000.00 expense report to their manager. Expensify detects that the expense report is $5000.00 and the junior accountant is not allowed to approve amounts of $5000.00. Once the manager approves, the approval flow is dynamically rerouted to the head of accounting who then approves and submits to the CFO. This lets you have create multiple conditions to reroute to various people within the organization letting you create a custom approval flow solution for your company.

Just another way Expensify gives you options while saving your company time and money! Give it a try and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out all the other new features we’ve released this year and feel free to email your feedback or suggestions to

Updated: Changed the workflow example as it was slightly incorrect at time of publishing.

Last week David announced some changes to our pricing. This week we would like to introduce an option that many of you have been requesting for a long time that will actually help offset that change to our price. We are happy to announce that you can now Prepay for Expensify!

Prepay for Expensify and get TWO MONTHS for free!

This has typically only been requested by enterprise companies, but we wanted businesses of any size to be able to get the same benefit our largest customers receive. If you prepay for 10 months, we will match you for 2 additional months! It works out to a 17% savings! Essentially, we’re applying a very large credit to your account that you are able to purchase at a steep discount.

Here’s the math:

  • Last month your company had 102 submitters on the Corporate Plan. This works out to $1,100 paid last month. (Remember, because we love our users, your company gets 2 free submitters per month)
  • You are an incredible employee and an all around go-getter. You decide your company should save money and prepay.
  • $1,100 x 10 = $11,000. You pay $11,000 to prepay for 10 months.
  • $1,100 x 2 =  $2,200.  We add  a $2,200 credit to your account on top of the $11,000 you prepaid.  You just purchased a $13,200 credit for $11,000!

End Result: You just saved your company $2,200 or 17% on what you would have spent for the year! Alternatively put, instead of paying $11/month per submitter, you are paying $9.20/month per submitter! 

Bonus Result: You get a promotion for being a great employee. (Hooray! You deserve it!)

To get started, head on over to and play with the Savings Slider Bar to see how much money your company will save.  Question: what are you going to do with all that money you budgeted for, but no longer need to pay?

Don’t forget, we launched Invoices and Bill Processing last month so check it out here. And as always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at Happy Expensing!

Today we are excited to finally announce a much anticipated feature: Invoicing and Bill Processing! At the behest of our users who were fed up with their existing Invoicing and Bill Processing solution, we’ve worked extremely hard to bring you Bill Processing and Invoices that Don’t Suck! No longer must Expensify users subject themselves to clunky invoicing systems. We’ve taken everything you love about Expensify Expense Reports and applied it for our Bill Processing and Invoices!


Expensify now allows you to take Expense Reports created or submitted to you and re-bill them as an Invoice to your clients. Apply mark-up on materials purchased on behalf of your client. Upload your logo into Expensify and we’ll slap it on the invoice. Determine and communicate your custom payment terms.  If your clients already use Expensify they can even pay your invoices directly within Expensify with the same great options that are available for our Expense Reports: ACH Direct Deposit, PayPal, and even Bitcoin!

Ok, so what if your vendors dont use Expensify? You can still send them invoices – just click Attach PDF before you hit send.

We know most users want to keep their bills and invoices in the same program, so we developed Bill Processing to be incredibly easy.  When you activate Invoicing/Bill Processing we create an email address for you to give out to your vendors. Example: Any bills sent to that email address will be SmartScanned and populated into your Expensify account.


We built this functionality because our users were complaining they didn’t like having to export their expenses into Freshbooks or Quickbooks in order to send out Invoices. Well, now you can seamlessly handle Expense Reports, Invoicing, and Bill Processing within one interconnected, powerful tool.

We’ve added more information on our help pages so check those out here:

As always, if you have any questions about Expensify or need help getting your company set up, feel free to email

Read the press release here:

Corgi Expensify Corporate Card Reconciliation

Last month we announced Amex Corporate Card Reconciliation and received a huge enthusiastic response from our users. Due to the popularity of the feature and user demand, we have expanded Corporate Card Reconciliation to many more major banks. The new Banks we have added are below:

  • Bank of America
  • Chase
  • Citibank
  • Capital One
  • TDBank (Business)
  • Bank of the West
  • Commonwealth Bank (Business)
  • Fifth Third
  • U.S. Bank
  • Wells Fargo

If your company uses Corporate Cards from a bank not listed above, please contact and we will work on getting your cards supported.

What is Reconciliation?

Reconciliation is an amazing feature that allows you to reconcile all incurred Corporate card expenses against reported expenses in the Expensify system. Reconciliation reports are great for seeing any outstanding Corporate card expenses that still need submitting as well as those that have already been submitted.

What is Central Administration?

Central Administration allows you to import your American Express Corporate card feed and assign individual cards to specific employees. Simply put, it allows you to populate your employees’ Expensify accounts with expenses from their individual Corporate card without any work from them.

How do I get it?

To have access to Reconciliation reports, you will need to upgrade to the Corporate plan and enable Domain Control. From the admin tab, you will then be able to centrally assign your corporate cards to users.

For more information on Corporate Card Reconciliation, check out our original post on reconciliation.

Important Note:

If your employees are already importing their corporate cards individually, make sure to have them remove this connection once you begin to import them centrally. This guards against duplicate reporting of transactions.

If you have any questions about either of these features or setting up, reach out to us at and we’ll get you on your way to simpler expense reporting!


Maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin recently in the media. It’s quickly gaining popularity and we believe we are the most mainstream company to implement it with an actual business implication. We’ve hinted that it’s coming, but today we are excited to announce Expensify has added Bitcoin as a reimbursement option for your expense reports. Fans of digital, decentralized, crypto-currencies rejoice!

We see Bitcoin as more than just a gimmick. It is a great solution to a real world problem facing businesses today – international reimbursement. We think this is a big deal. Previously, our US companies with international employees or contractors were incurring currency conversion or wire transfer fees to the tune of 4% in some cases. To this end, Bitcoin is a great tool for minimizing the cost of reimbursing companies outside of the US. As a plus, transfers are secure and instant – no more waiting multiple business days for your ACH to clear!

We’ve set up our Bitcoin help page to walk you through getting set up with Bitcoin. If you have any questions about Bitcoin reimbursement or Expensify in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us at You can view the press release here:


First and foremost, we’ve made two HUGE upgrades:

  • You now have the ability to fill out Report Fields via both our Android and iPhone apps, rounding out the full submitter experience via mobile.
  • We’ve fixed a longstanding and heartbreaking, stuck expense error.

As you’ll probably notice, we also unveiled our new, smoochable design thanks to the hard work of our mobile and design team.

We’re devoted to giving you the best mobile experience possible and to that end we want to hear your feedback. What do you think about the upgrades and would you like to see in our next updates? Let us know at

Update your apps to fall in love with Expensify all over again!