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This week’s Expensifier of the Week is Yes To, a global leader in natural skin and hair care with awesome and affordable products made with fruits, veggies, and a smile!

A sample of Yes To's natural products

A sample of Yes To’s line of natural skin and hair products

Founded in 2006, Yes To, Inc‘s award-winning formulations are over 95% natural, have proven results, and are free of parabens, petroleum, and SLS. They offer seven unique collections, including products for face, body, hair, lips, and even babies to allow people to create their own natural ‘recipe’ that works for them.

The Yes To Team

The Yes To Team!

Look at this beautiful team!

Picture this: a fun-loving, wine-drinking, yoga-doing, active-life-living bunch of folks in San Francisco who a) create affordable natural products that really work, b) give back by providing 50,000 meals to kids around the globe, and c) have a pretty awesome time doing it.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s the Yes To team.

From events and showcases around the country, the team travels often to spread the message about their natural skin and hair care products. While their products are innovative, their expense reporting solution was not.

Expense Reporting From The Past

“We were basically in the stone age when it came to expense reporting,” says Tracy Hart, CFO at Yes To, Inc. “We used to print a copy of the credit card statement and pass it around the office so that everyone could write “meal” or “taxi”, etc. next to their charge. This would then be hand-entered by a dedicated employee into our accounting system.”

She continues: “The process took days, so we then upgraded to downloading credit card activity and creating individual spreadsheets for each card holder with drop down menus for the expense accounts. Each card holder would complete their spreadsheet and go through the painful process of taping all their receipts to blank pages and attaching those to their printed spreadsheet. These would also have to be manually entered by the same dedicated employee. When we switched to Expensify, I think I saw that person shedding little tears of joy,” says Hart.

Vetting, Then Switching to Expensify

The decision to change expense reporting systems wasn’t easy. After all, no matter how time-consuming your current process is, there’s always the fear that the next one will be even worse. Before switching to Expensify, the management team wanted to make sure that the platform would be:

  • More time efficient, including the time it would take to implement the platform and train the team
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Cost effective

“After a quick poll to see if our prospective users would appreciate the implementation of Expensify, an overview the low costs of Expensify and adding up how much time would be saved across the board, switching to Expensify was unanimously approved,” recalls Hart.

Unanimously? We’ll take it!

Favorite Feature? How About Features?

Tracy Hart, CFO at Yes To

Tracy Hart, CFO at Yes To

While speaking with Hart, she mentioned a couple of features that her team found extra beneficial and helped make processing information easy. “Importing and exporting data is very easy to do within the [Expensify] system. The process of downloading and uploading the information into our ERP system is made very simple with Expensify’s customizable download features.

Yes To’s internal documentation also improved with Expensify. “Paper receipts disappear, but not in Expensify. Now that we use the app, we don’t have to worry about receipts turning blank or getting torn off. The app easily stores all expense reports electronically,” she says.

SmartScan also changed the way employees thought about expense reporting. [With Expensify, our employees] are able to ditch their old school receipt envelopes in favor of snapping pictures of their receipts at the dinner table or forwarding them via email,” Hart says. “Team members are now able to create their expense reports in real-time instead of waiting to consolidate the information and complete their reports at the end of the month.”

We love that the Yes To team loves our mobile functionality, and we can’t wait to hear what she says when our new Real Time Expense Reporting features come out!

Customer Service: Not Really a Feature But We Love It!

“When we migrated from using QuickBooks to Oracle, we needed to find a new way to upload our data to our new ERP system. Multiple customer service representatives were very helpful in assisting Juliet, who is responsible for managing expense reporting, with designing a personalized download template that fit our needs,” Hart recalls.

“I would recommend Expensify to anyone who is looking for a process improvement. The program has dramatically improved the expense reporting process for both our company’s users and administrators. Our process is more time efficient, organized, and the quality of historical data and reporting has been enhanced since we implemented Expensify.”

See? Expense reporting can be just as easy for you if you let it be (not to mention, Yes To transitioned accounting packages without a hitch on their own)! We love that we’re helping Yes To focus on spreading their product’s message to people all over the world by leaving the expense reporting to us.

Like what you hear? Switching from Quickbooks to Oracle and need a clean, easy-to-use expense reporting software? Try us out for free today or email to learn more about how we can simply your expense reporting process!

Bitly logoYou’ve seen them all over the web — Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, your email, and more — but you might have not noticed. That’s how simple Bitly works.

Bitly’s mission is to empower marketers to make better decisions by providing insight into the connected world. Since 2008, the company has been committed to unleashing the power of the link. Based in NYC, Bitly shortens more than half a billion links per month as an integral part of social, SMS, and email efforts from brands, marketers, publishers, government organizations, non-profits and individual users.

Processing more than eight billion clicks on those links per month, Bitly continues to work unveiling new products while generating one of the most valuable proprietary datasets in the world today.

Puzzles are Fun, But Not Like This

Some of the Bitly team having fun (but not with their expense reports!)

Some of the Bitly team having fun (but not with their expense reports!)

Before Bitly started using Expensify, their expense reporting system was this.

  1. Use post-it notes and paper clips to gather receipts
  2. Submit to bookkeeper
  3. Bookkeeper would then manually key in the details at a summary level detail
  4. File the reports into obscurity

Really though, this expense reporting method was more of a problem than a solution. They needed an upgrade.

Let Me Upgrade U

A wise woman once said,

“Partner let me upgrade you
Flip a new page
Introduce you to some new things
And upgrade you”

Bitly wanted an upgrade, badly. So after hearing good things about Expensify, they decided to test us out.

“Expensify [quickly became] an easy, simple solution for a process that we had struggled to optimize,” says Brian Saplicki, Finance and Operations Manager. “The iPhone app was a nice surprise — it helped our team get reports in faster and minimize the paper trail normally created.”

In addition to an easy-to-use mobile application, Saplicki found that keeping expenses in one place helped create a catalogue of historical records that added transparency to the expense reporting process. Other features the team loved include consolidated reports and approval workflows to help better manage the expense reporting process.

“Expensify solves a simple problem that somehow manages to be a headache,” Saplicki says. “[The app] help us consolidate the chaos, and I would and already have recommended the app to other users facing similar issues.”

Want to get rid of Post It note-covered expense reports? Give us a try with a free trial today!

CEO Robert Guarino of 5 Napkin Burger

“I am lucky. When I travel for work, my job is to eat, drink, teach and learn…. not sort receipts. I am happy to let Expensify handle the mundane while I do what I do what I love.” — CEO Robert Guarino of 5 Napkin Burger

The burger experience is no longer One Size Fits All. The art of grabbing a burger has found its top shelf. Those with discerning appetites, surrounded by less-than-satisfying options, demand more — quality, diversity, and a custom cocktail all in an engaging atmosphere. If this sounds like you, then 5 Napkin Burger has you covered.

Each 5 Napkin burger consists of 10 ounces of fresh ground beef, topped with Gruyère cheese, caramelized onions, and rosemary aioli. These and all other ingredients are made in house from scratch.

Reality check: Are you drooling yet?

A drool-worthy sampling of 5 Napkin burgers

A drool-worthy sampling of 5 Napkin Burger’s, well, burgers! (Credit:

Match Made in Heaven? Probably.

Expensify loves burgers, 5 Napkin Burger makes delicious burgers.

5 Napkin Burger hates expense reports, Expensify makes them not suck.

See where I’m going with this?

Before Expensify, the good people of 5 Napkin Burger were manually entering expense reports in Microsoft Excel and attaching photocopied receipts. As their operation expanded from one location in New York City to three, then along the east coast to Boston and Miami, it became immediately apparent that they needed a simpler, faster system.

“We were looking for a functional, user-friendly system that lived in the cloud and could log digital versions of our receipts,” says Robert Guarino, CEO. “We decided to go with Expensify because their app fulfilled these requirements, and it’s been easy to learn and use.”

Easy to learn? Check.

Easy to use? Check. Small businesses, take notice!

Last Words From The CEO

“I file expense reports monthly for over ten different companies. What I love most about Expensify is the auto-importing my credit card expenses, which makes it very easy to send expenses to the right place,” Guarino explains. “As our company grows, I Iook forward to taking advantage of even more of the available features in the future.”

Join 5 Napkin Burger and growing companies all over the world by switching to Expensify today! Looking for a great burger? Find your nearest 5 Napkin Burger in New York, Boston, and Miami.

If there’s one thing we love at Expensify more than Lemony, it’s our community of users. From independent contractors to not-for-profits to established startups and companies, we have some of the coolest users in the world. Starting today, we’ll be highlighting some of them in our weekly series, Expensifier of the Week.

Kicking off the series is…. *Drum roll*

Couchsurfing logo

Love to travel and on a budget? This week we’re profiling Couchsurfing, a global travel network connecting travelers with local hosts in over 120,000 cities worldwide. Read their story, see how they Expensify, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try them out on your next jet-set adventure!

The Couchsurfing Team

The amazing Couchsurfing team

Hold up, hold up: What is Couchsurfing?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, couchsurfing is the fun, affordable way to travel. Couchsurfing makes it possible to travel anywhere in the world – like a local. It’s a global travel network connecting 10 million members in over 120,000 cities. Couchsurfers host each other in their homes, exploring the world while sharing their lives, their homes and their journeys. They also create millions of activities each week to meet up with like-minded travelers at home or on the road. 

“Couchsurfing members believe in a world made better by travel and travel made richer by connection,” says Kate Totten, Operations Manager at Couchsurfing. “They find adventure in the discovery of new friends and experiences, as well as miles traveled.”

It’s Not Just Couches We Surf On….

Couchsurfers don’t stick to couches or guest bedrooms – they also boat-surf in Hawaii, cave-surf in Jordan and yurt-surf in Mongolia. They come from every age and background, traveling and hosting as families, seniors, and students from the woods of New South Wales to the far north of Norway.

Even Couchsurfers Need to Report Expenses…

Kate Totten, Operations Manager at Couchsurfing

Kate Totten, Operations Manager at Couchsurfing and Expensifier We Love

Before Couchsurfing started using Expensify, employees would fill out expense reports on an Excel spreadsheet which were then emailed to an approving supervisor. When this process became too tedious, the company decided to look for other solutions.

“We had heard great things about [Expensify] from other companies, so we decided to try them out, says Totten. “After using them for a bit, I was surprised to find that for the first time, I didn’t dread doing expense reports.” Making people not hate expense reports, that’s definitely a win for us!

Totten continues, “Expensify was so easy to use that I stopped waiting until the last minute to do reports and instead would get to them right away. Expensify’s best feature is the ability to just take a picture of a receipt and upload it via the app in seconds. You never have to use the scanner again!”

Last Words of Wisdom

“The top benefit of Expensify is usability. It takes very little time to set up, and the user experience is so seamless and intuitive that employees jump right into it. They have no complaints with integrating Expensify into their everyday work lives,” says Totten. “I would absolutely recommend Expensify to other companies. It takes all the hassle out of expenses for both employees and managers.”

Want to test us out and not dread your next expense report? Love Expensify and want to be featured on our weekly series? Leave us a comment or email!

Forming Habits with Expense Reporting

Whether you work at a startup, a large corporation, or something in between, the end of the month always means one thing: it’s time to get those expense reports in!

People often consider expense reporting to be a pain in the elbow, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to make expense reports suck less. Using Expensify can help significantly reduce the overall time it takes to finish a report. Even better, pair it with an incremental behavioral change and you might actually look forward to submitting your expense report every month (we can dream right?).

Putting Off Something That Sucks – Hey, It’s Natural!

Sit back and think for a hot second: how do you file your expense reports?

According to Leo Babauta from ZenHabits, we spend much of our lives avoiding or putting off our problems. People hate doing expense reports because it’s always been a long and tedious process that involves finding crumpled pieces of paper, manually entering a load of expenses and then triple-checking everything to make sure it’s all correct. As a result, you think of expense reporting as a problem that you want to put off for as long as you can.

At Expensify, we want to make those monthly, hours-long expense reporting rituals a thing of the past. We want to change the way you think about and do expense reports. How?

Try It Out: A Small Change in Behavior

Instead of throwing your receipt in your bag or pocket, use our mobile app and take a picture of the receipt when you get it. In doing so, you are accomplishing four things:

  1. You reduce the amount of clutter in your bag or pocket. A photo of your receipt = paper receipt in trash.
  2. You also minimize the risk of losing the receipt down to zero.
  3. You decrease the amount of time it takes to file expense reports by handling your expenses at the time of purchase instead of filing a pile of them at the end of the month.
  4. Your uploaded receipt can be sorted with categories and tags, which helps you organize expenses automatically.

Once you take that photo, our SmartScan technology will transcribe the receipt for you so you don’t have to enter the information manually. More importantly, by taking a picture of your receipt as soon as you get it, you’re creating a behavioral change that will fundamentally alter the way you do expense reports. This tiny change might seem inconsequential, but the power of habit is an incredibly powerful, subconscious phenomenon that can change the way you do expense reports forever. Repeat this action often enough, and you’ll be able to cultivate a strong expense reporting habit.

Take a Photo, Thank Yourself Later

With this small habitual change, a cursory glance over your expense report at the end of the month is all you’ll need to do before submitting it to a manager. No more high volume, last-minute scanning, organizing, or detailing. How amazing does that sound?

Don’t take our word for it. See what users have to say about how Expensify is changing the way they do expense reports:


Change the way you think about expense reporting! Let us know your story in the comments below or try us today.

Get the most out of your Expensify experience; learn a little bit about slicing and dicing our Expenses and Receipts pages using filters. Not only is this knowledge handy for tracking down your expense data, you can also use it to capture subsets of your expenses for analytics as well as editing multiple expenses and receipts.

To begin, you’ll find filters on the left side of the Expenses and Receipts page. Also, date filters on all pages of Expensify are, by default, set to view the last 90 days. To view any expenses previous to the last 90 days, extend the date filters on the page to include your desired dates.

Expense Page Filters

Breakdown your expenses by four types of expenses:

  • Unreported Expenses have not been added to reports.
  • Unsubmitted Expenses have been added to a report, but the report has not been submitted yet.
  • Reported Expenses have been added to reports that have been submitted.
  • Deleted Expenses have been deleted, but can still be accessed in case you made a mistake. (We know you don’t make mistakes and never have to use this.)

You can also filter your expenses by the card they were imported from and the category/tag they have been marked with.

Receipt Page Filters

Similar to Expense page filters, you can view different receipt types: Unreported, Unsubmitted, Reported, and Deleted. Beyond this distinction, you can view receipts that have been attached to expenses, receipts that have not, or both.

To learn a little more about the Reports page filter, check out our Understanding Report States post from a little while back. If you have any questions about filters or any feature of Expensify, as always, please feel free to contact us at

Here at Expensify we put an emphasis on simple, hassle free expense reporting. We also believe that the best way to develop Expensify into an even more amazing experience is by listening to our users. You asked for a more in-depth way to tag expenses and today we’re thrilled to unveil the magic of multi-level tagging! This new Corporate plan feature is perfect for companies that require more than one tag field. Here’s how it works:

Based on the choice made for the first tag, a second subset of tag options will magically appear. Because tag levels can be hierarchical, users don’t have to sift through giant tag lists to find what they’re looking for.

After the second tag is chosen, more tag lists can appear, customizable up to 5 tag levels.

More great news! Every multi-level tag can be coded for export in a customized CSV export file, tuned to the requirements of your accounting package.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! If you have questions or would like to set up multi-level tagging for your company please email us at