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DefibrillatorYou’ve likely already heard about the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability affecting thousands of websites and millions of servers worldwide.  I just wanted to share some quick notes here to address any questions you might have about how this affects Expensify:

  • All data is secure.  We’ve had no indication that this vulnerability has affected any users in any way.
  • All public servers are secure.  We’ve done a complete audit of all public webservers and confirmed that they do not have this vulnerability.
  • All private servers have been secured.  We did find one private monitoring server experiencing this vulnerability, but it does not host any customer data, nor is it accessed by customers.  Regardless, it has been shut down and will be secured before being restarted.
  • The certificate has been renewed.  Even though there was no indication of any wrongdoing by anybody, just to eliminate even the possibility of security risk we’ve replaced our primary HTTPS certificate.

In summary, all is well, and will remain so.  Incidentally, while on the topic of security, let me remind you what we do and share some new details:

  1. PCI-DSS.  Everything we do complies with the Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standard.  This is the “gold standard” for security, created by Visa and MasterCard, and the official security standard used by banks and financial services worldwide.
  2. SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II.  It’s a mouthful, but we’re undergoing a comprehensive audit of all internal systems and controls.  Most companies won’t care about this, but it’s important to our larger and publicly-traded customers.
  3. External security audit.  Even before this went down, we’ve engaged an outside security firm to do a “deep dive” on our internal security design, as well as do “white hat” analysis and scanning of our systems to verify that they’re implemented correctly.

Security is at the very heart of everything we do.  We think of it continuously, so you won’t need to.

In a few weeks, Expensify will be releasing a brand new version of our QuickBooks Online integration. This complete overhaul was built to be faster, more stable, and so much easier to use.

Here’s a brief overview of the new features that will be part of this integration:

  • Vastly simplified connection setup: configure the policy once and export your reports to QBO without having to specify which accounts to export to, or export type, etc.
  • Billable flags are now passed from Expensify to QBO
  • Classes and locations now import as report fields in Expensify
  • Export preferences can be configured based on expense type (reimbursable vs. non-reimbursable)
  • Employee and vendor records automatically match to the Expensify report submitter.
  • Connect your Expensify policy to QBO in two clicks.


The QBO connection configuration dialog


Additional features, like tax support and export date configuration, are already planned and will be added in the future.

This new integration is currently in a closed beta test. If you would like to take part in this beta, simply email and specify that you would like to be able to test the new QuickBooks Online integration.

Thanks, we can’t wait for this to go live!

UPDATE: All systems are back online. Thank you for your patience!

WHEN: February 11th, 8pm – 10pm PST

WHAT: Full site downtime, all services down.  Mobile apps will continue to work as if they were offline.

As part of our commitment to upholding the highest security standards, we rotate the encryption keys for our server infrastructure annually.  Our next window for updating these keys will be from 8pm – 10pm PST on February 11th, during which users will be unable to access the main Expensify website, including through partner portals such as Salesforce.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

2013 is so last year. To celebrate the new year, I’m very proud to announce two major developments:

1) We’ve just rolled out a total overhaul of the UI. It’s faster, sleeker, easier to use, and so much prettier. Sign in here to check it out:

2) If you’re lucky enough to have an executive assistant, add them as a Wingman so they can sign into your account and do everything you can do:

On top of that we’ve had tons of accounting improvements, including a massively accelerated Reports page, an Admin tab for improved management of multiple companies, support for multiple corporate card feeds in a single company, and bulk management of employee workflow.

All in all, 2014 is primed to be pretty amazing. Let’s make this the year your expense reports don’t suck!

Founder and CEO of Expensify
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PS: Also, our NetSuite integration is nearly complete, and Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, and SAP are close behind. Email to be first in line.

PPS: Do you set budgets when employees travel? Do you wish you could? Either way, reply to this email and I’d love to talk with you about it.

We recently highlighted some of the new features you can expect to see with the launch of our new and improved Expensify Beta, but dive deeper and you’ll find that there’s a rhyme and a reason behind many of the design choices we made over the past few months while bringing you expense reports that suck even less.

Structure, Oh Structure

One of the most immediate structural changes we wanted to make was a better usage of screen real estate. The old Expensify was a bit chunky with lots of unnecessary whitespace. But with our new beta, we trimmed some pixels which yielded a much more obvious and harmonized page structure across varied content. No matter the page, we can simply plug it into this template:


And though we’d hate to say we’re a predictable group of lads and lasses, there’s nothing bad in having predictability in a user interface. We carried that over to the bread and butter of our product — the expense report itself — where we also wanted to condense information yet still make it easier to find what you are looking for.

OCDelightful Reports

Behold, where it all started. The revamped report page was the driving force behind the Expensify Beta project and rightfully so — this is where submitters and approvers a like spend a lot of time. And any time we can save you from doing expense reports, well that’s time well-saved.


Primary Navigation: Where am I?

Secondary Navigation: What status-changing actions can I do here? This light blue bar is a site-wide indicator of some top-level actions you can do in respect to the page that you are currently on.

Next Step: What needs to happen to keep this report moving through the approval flow? Look at me I’m YELLOW! We’ve purposely placed this high up on the report so you can instantly see what you need to do (if anything).

Report Header: What’s the status of this? Is this an expense report or an invoice? What policy is this report using?

Title & Amount: Important information = Large font size please.

Report Details: Gimme the breakdown.

Report Actions: A sticky toolbar so you can make report actions no matter where you are scrolled on the report.

Report Items: The meat and potatoes of the report.

A more colorful, friendly place

Pretty pictures and colorful icons make a world of a difference when it comes to doing something as mundane as expense reporting (Disclaimer: I’ve only ever read five books in my lifetime and three of them were coffee table books). It’s not much, but just a little bit of personality across the site can make the overall experience much more pleasant.


Remember the old dashboard? Probably not.


Ohhhh, ahhhh.


You can create a receipt from a map?!

Consistency Across Devices

We also took this opportunity to unify our design across our mobile app, our web app, our blog, and soon our help site among other things. The dark blue color in the header, or “Kiwi Blue” as it’s being dubbed (Expensify Beta is coined as Project Kiwi internally), has made its way around our product and our marketing too.

EXP-LaptopPhoneCountless other details went into the Expensify Beta project and we hope you’ll enjoy finding all of them. We’ll be rolling out Expensify Beta to the masses right around the start of the New Year, so here’s to 2014 — the year of sexy expense reports that suck even less.

Expense reporting used to be universally hated. Precious hours of our life wasted, sitting in a dreary office taping receipts to paper. Not anymore! With Expensify, all you need is a laptop with internet connection or your smartphone to log expenses no matter where you are in the world. We constantly receive emails from users proclaiming that Expensify made their recent trip across the country (or world) easy and hassle-free.

These users also frequently send us photos of the exotic locations they visited requesting we put those photos on our sign-in page. If you’re unfamiliar with our sign-in page, we rotate photos of unique or beautiful locations taken by Expensify employees. Clicking the “i” button gives you a little blurb about the picture as well as the name of the photographer.

Expensify Expense Reports

As you may already know, we just got back from a month of working in Croatia and we’re planning on adding some of the pictures we took there to the home page rotation. As a user-focused company, it makes total sense to us that we should feature user photos on the site.

So without further adieu, we’d like to announce the Travel with Expensify Program! We want to see all the cool places our users have been. Bonus points if you used Expensify to track your expenses, track your flight, or to submit an expense report for that trip.

To show off your photography to 1.8 million Expensify users:

1. Submit a photo of a unique or beautiful location. 

-Filetype must be jpg or png.

-The bigger the better. Anything less than 1000px wide won’t look good.

2. Include the title or subject of the picture.

-Examples: “View from Above”, Pra Nang Beach, Exit Glacier

3. We need a comment or description of the photo.

-See our sign-in page for examples.

4. Email this info and photo to with the Subject: “Travel with Expensify”

-OR simply upload the photo & info to Facebook or Twitter (be sure to mention “Travel with @Expensify” so we’re sure to see it) and show your friends the great places you’ve worked from.

5. If you submit via email and not social media, be sure to include know your name and company you work for.

That’s it! We’ll select the best ones and throw them into the sign-in page rotation where they’ll be viewed by the extremely important people who use Expensify. We can’t wait to see where you’ve been!

Expensify Xero IntegrationWe’re excited to officially introduce the Expensify Xero Integration! Users from both of our companies have been requesting we sync up and make this happen and now that fantasy is reality.  Log in now to experience Expensify/Xero nirvana!

The integration is powerful, yet simple.  First, we pull in your expense accounts (or any account that has “Show In Expense Claims”) from Xero as Expensify categories. Next, just use Expensify like normal, but categorize your expenses using the new Xero categories. Once your reports have been submitted and approved you click “Export to Xero” and you’re done! Your Expensify reports are now bills in Xero! It’s as simple as that.

Head over to to get started. As an added bonus, Xero is giving Expensify users a great deal, so check it out! (New sign ups only) Once you’ve given it a spin, let me know what you think! We will continue to look for ways to improve this integration, so email any Xero integration feedback you have to

Great news everybody! We’ve just released support for kilometres in mileage expenses (both web and mobile) as well as time tracking on the web interface.


In the mobile app, you now have the option to select between miles and kilometres for mileage entries. Whether you’re creating a basic distance expense, using our odometer option or the GPS tracker you can select kilometres to track your trip accurately.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.10.52 PM

From the web interface, you can create a mileage expense in km by clicking the ‘new expense’ button on the Expenses page and selecting ‘km’ instead of ‘mi’.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.38.05 PM

As an individual user, you can set your reimbursement rate for kilometres in Settings > Preferences. If your company is using Expensify, the company kilometre rate setting will be located in Settings > Policies > [choose your policy] > Mileage. You can set kilometres as your default mileage preference by policy or personal preference here as well.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.43.30 PM


As you may have noticed above, time tracking is now available on the web interface too! To create a time expense, click ‘new expense’ on the Expenses page and select the ‘Time’ tab:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.56.46 PM

As always, if you have any questions about our new features (or any questions at all!) please contact us at Happy expensing!

Shout out to all the Domain Control users out there! Per demand, we’ve updated the functionality of our ‘Strictly enforce expense policy’ permission to allow more customization.

As a reminder, ‘Strictly enforce expense policy’ limits two things. When this is enabled for a group of users:

  • They cannot submit expense reports with ANY report violations.
  • They cannot submit expense reports to anyone but the approver set in their policy.

To allow you to enforce policy rules without locking users into one approval workflow and vice versa, we have split these permissions into separate rules:

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 12.33.02 PM

For Current Domain Control Users

If you already have ‘Strictly enforce expense policy’ enabled, both options will be enabled by default. For those who need to enable or change these settings, you can do so in in the Admin tab under Groups > ‘edit’.

For Those Who Want Domain Control

You can exercise these and additional permissions over your employees by following the directions on our Domain Control help page.

If you have any questions about using this newfound power or applying it to your use case, please reach out to

You may have noticed that we’re not the biggest fans of expense reports. Our deep-seated hatred for them is what drove the creation of Expensify. After several years of battling the forces of terrible expense reports, we’re now 1.6M users strong with almost a quarter million companies under our belt. As a thank you to our community we wanted to offer a new contest.

Expense It with Expensify

It’s called the Expense It with Expensify Contest (we’re good at expense reports, not naming things) and you and your company can win a FREE YEAR of Expensify!

To enter, all you have to do is tell us how awful your expense reporting process was in the past and since we’re suckers for happy endings, how much better it is now that you’ve started using Expensify! Just post it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your blog etc… (it has to be a public post or we won’t be able to see it). Make sure to include a link to in your post in order to be eligible.

Winning entries will be featured on our site and your company will win a FREE YEAR of Expensify!

If you haven’t started using Expensify yet, then go ahead and sign up at

Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to hear your stories!