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Things we can’t keep to ourselves because IT’S JUST THAT EXCITING!


no cockroach signI won’t lie: it’s flattering and vindicating for the low-burn, efficient-growth strategies we’ve been championing for years to come into vogue.  For years we’ve watched quietly on the sidelines as low-interest rates and market doldrums have fueled massive investments into “Unicorn” startups, operating unsustainable business models at a massive loss.  And I can’t deny we’ve envied their shocking valuations.  So I’ll admit satisfaction that the mythical creature’s shine is wearing off, and that there’s enough appreciation of our sustainable, profitable models that startups of our class have finally earned a name of our own.

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Running a startup is full of firsts.  My first hire, my first round of funding, my first enterprise customer.  Well, today I add a new item to that list: My first lawsuit.


It’d be diplomatic to say “Boy, I really hate to do this”, as I’m no more a fan of lawsuits or intellectual property than the next guy — in fact, probably less.  But I won’t say I’m agonizing over the decision because really, I’m not.  There are a lot of really weird parts about being a startup CEO, and this is just the latest.

Now to be clear, I’d prefer not to be in this situation.  I’d prefer to “only” be the fastest growing expense management service in the world, and let the numbers speak for themselves.  But you can’t build a billion dollar business without one of your competitors eventually crossing the line, so I’m not surprised this day has come.  What DOES surprise me is by how far they crossed it.

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New partnership makes it easier than ever for companies to keep track of business expenses, approve expense reports and reimburse employees 

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, at the annual Intacct Advantage Conference, Expensify, the fastest growing expense reporting software worldwide, announced that it has integrated with Intacct, a leading provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software. Named one of 2015’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, Expensify automates your expense reporting process from the moment you get your first receipt to when the accountant exports the final report into Intacct.

“Our mission at Expensify is to create a hassle-free expense reporting experience for both businesses and their employees,” said David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify. “By partnering with Intacct, the entire expense reporting process is automated, making it incredibly simple for employers to track, approve and reimburse business expenses. Our technology also gives employees the ability to conveniently log expenses straight from their phone, easily separate out corporate card expenses from out-of-pocket expenses and receive next day reimbursement instead of waiting weeks for a check to arrive.”  Continue Reading…

Expensify announces that Apple Inc. has chosen the expense management software to be part of their mobility partnership program

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Expensify, the fastest growing expense reporting software worldwide, released an iPad application for Expensify users that will save iOS customers time and money by automating the expense reporting process and eliminating hours of paperwork. With the new application, Expensify customers can now scan receipts, track mileage, create and submit expense reports directly from their iPad.

Expensify is also proud to announce that Apple Inc., has chosen Expensify to be part of their mobility partnership program. Expensify joins a select group of leading business software and solution providers working closely with Apple to bring a broad range of innovative mobile solutions to iOS customers.

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Originally posted on Intuit Accountants News Central

As an accountant, your work is tireless. Keeping close track of your busy clients’ financials is crucial. Yet, relying on them for information can be a tedious exercise in frustration.

How can we build trust, and not drive one another crazy along the way? ProAdvisors® are focused on expanding their client base. While that’s key, keeping current clients is just as important. You’ve invested time building a relationship with your clients. On that note, we’ve compiled five ways to perfect these relationships and keep your clients around for the long run:  Continue Reading…

Earlier this year, we decided to tie the knot between Xero’s beautiful accounting software and Expensify. Xero’s cloud accounting software provides business owners with real-time visibility of their financial position in a simple, smart and secure way. Those of you who are familiar with the integration will know the highly customizable features we released earlier this June, but we’re not done yet! We’ve got a whole new slew of features to share with you.  Continue Reading…

Jonah and TJ working at Expensify.

Across all teams, we’re building not just a best-in-class product, but also a world-class company.

Part of what makes Expensify such an amazing place to work is that we’ve brought together a group of people that truly believes in the company’s mission and vision. Since 2008, we’ve grown the team from a handful of people to ~100 full time employees while only promoting from within. Every single member of our leadership team has started from the ground level and earned the respect of the organization before being recognized with any formal title; part of our vision is to keep that tradition for as long as we reasonably can.

On top of that, over 75% of our employees have opted to receive some portion of their compensation in stock options. Continue Reading…