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One of the things we pride ourselves on at Expensify is flexibility. Our users have a very diverse set of needs and our goal is to find a simple solution that meets all of them. While the QuickBooks integration that we have built is great for most users, we realize that some people like an extra level of customization. This is why we are taking the time to let you know about this custom QuickBooks integration option.


Why use the Custom Method

The custom QuickBooks integration involves using the third party software Transaction Pro Importer made by Baystate Consulting. This software is available for a one-time cost of $199.95. This method creates a true 2-way connection in which accounts that exist in Expensify can be created in QuickBooks. It will allow full customization of the way information captured in Expensify will appear in QuickBooks and is available for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

Some common reasons for wanting to use the custom QuickBooks method:

  • You want to export as something other than a check, bill, credit card charge, or general journal entry.
  • You need to map the merchant name of expenses in Expensify to vendors in QuickBooks.
  • You need to capture class and customer/job at the expense line-item level. This will also require enabling multi-level tagging.
  • You want to export as items instead of expenses.
  • Any other customization that Expensify’s traditional export method doesn’t handle.

How it Works

You will first create a CSV export format based on the information that you would like to import into QuickBooks. Transaction Pro Importer will let you know the needed information for your given import type (check, bill, etc.). You will then export expense reports to that export format.

Export to Baystate

You will then import that CSV file to QuickBooks using Transaction Pro Importer.

Transaction pro import screen

That’s it! You have now fully customized your QuickBooks integration. For full instructions please visit our custom QuickBooks help page. As always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Expensify now integrates with Sage 50 (formerly Sage Peachtree) using our customized CSV export format. Now your employees can easily create and submit expense reports in compliance with Sage 50 data requirements!


These basic company setup steps will need to be taken care of before setting up your Sage 50 integration:

  1. Upgrade to the Corporate plan.
  2. Create a company expense policy.
  3. Ensure that GL codes are asscoiated with Categories.
  4. Add Vendor and Job ID as Report Fields.

Configuring Your Export File

After you’ve chosen the appropriate format for your company, you will create an export format that any admin can use to export expense data into Sage 50. To do so, visit the Export format section of your policy (Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Export Formats). Once the export format has been created, any policy admin can choose a group of reports and export them to the custom spreadsheet file.

Expensify - CSV Export

If you have any clarifying questions about your Sage 50 export format, please contact us at


First and foremost, we’ve made two HUGE upgrades:

  • You now have the ability to fill out Report Fields via both our Android and iPhone apps, rounding out the full submitter experience via mobile.
  • We’ve fixed a longstanding and heartbreaking, stuck expense error.

As you’ll probably notice, we also unveiled our new, smoochable design thanks to the hard work of our mobile and design team.

We’re devoted to giving you the best mobile experience possible and to that end we want to hear your feedback. What do you think about the upgrades and would you like to see in our next updates? Let us know at

Update your apps to fall in love with Expensify all over again!

Approved: past participle, past tense of ap·prove (Verb) – Officially agree to or accept as satisfactory: “Your expense report has been approved and you will now be reimbursed.”

Approver: (Noun) One who has the authority to approve: “I have submitted my expense report to an approver.”

As an Approver in Expensify you are not restricted to merely “Approving” reports (yay!) or “Rejecting” reports (boo!) based on minor mistakes. Approvers have some pretty substantial abilities when it comes to reports submitted to them. You can change anything in the report EXCEPT merchant name, date, amount of expense or currency.  That means you  DO have the ability to change:

  • Expense categories
  • Expense tags (including multi-level tagging!)
  • Report titles
  • Report fields
  • Even the Report Policy itself!

Let’s say for example you have an employee, Sally, who keeps on forgetting that she must categorize her expenses within the correct policy before submitting her report.  You don’t want to reject her report or expenses, send it back to her, and risk the potential for hurting her feelings :'(  But you certainly can’t approve it with those violations either…report violations

In come the Approver Super Powers!  You can change the Categories or Tags of her expenses until the report is ready to be approved.

NO violations

Now doesn’t that report look better? Don’t you feel powerful?  And, no feelings were hurt in the process! If you have any questions about other unknown super powers in Expensify, please contact us at

*P.S If you’re concerned about extraneous changes being made to reports by all-powerful approvers, you can enable digital signatures. With this enabled, a PDF of the report will be saved with every report action.